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UPDATED: Help Rename the Law Society of Upper Canada

April 25, 2012

Lee Akazaki has a post about The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) motion to be made at the Annual General Meeting on May 9, 2012 to rebrand change the LSUC’s name to the “Ontario Law Society”. Akazaki likes the idea but thinks it doesn’t go far enough. He concludes:

The historical institutions of the Law Society matter to the exercise of its mandate, but not the nomenclature.  Clinging on to the quaintness of anachronism erodes confidence in the legal profession and runs counter to the mandate of regulating the profession in the public interest.  The motion brought to the LSUC Annual Meeting of May 9, 2012, is a step in the right direction, but it does not go far enough.  If we have to wait another 150 years to rename our self-regulating body accurately, there will be no self-regulating body to rename.

Drew Hasselback at the Financial Post thinks the proposed name change stinks:

I haven’t seen this make much of a splash. Maybe no one cares, or maybe no one gives the motion a snowball’s chance.

But I have a gut reaction to it: it stinks. I think it’s wrong for the profession to turn its back on history by dropping the ‘Upper Canada.’ And I think the proposed name sounds butt ugly.

“Upper Canada” may be a fuddy-duddy way to refer to the place we now call Ontario, but I find a certain dignity in the old name. It reminds us that Ontario just didn’t drop out of the sky on July 1, 1867.

Tradition is so last century and legal history is….well, history.

With all the talk about the “future of law”, legal tech and transforming clients into consumers, it is high time that the governing body of the legal profession in Ontario updated its public image. I don’t mind the proposed new name of “Ontario Law Society”, although any variation on the theme would have sufficed.

The LSUC must ADAPT OR DIE! A name change will solve the systemic and endemic problems of self-regulation and maintain the public’s confidence.

As a barrister & solicitor, lawyer licensee, I embrace the LSUC’s initiative. The last time I voted on a name, it was when Toronto got its major league baseball team back in the 70’s. Sadly, my vote for “Toronto Pigeons” was not acknowledged.

Since the name change will have a profound and lasting impact on Ontario lawyers and paralegals, please take the time to cast your vote in this informal poll for renaming the Law Society of Upper Canada. Depending on your feedback, I may submit the poll results to the Benchers at Convocation:


It was a close race, but in the end, the winner with 7 votes is…

The League of Extraordinary Ontario Lawyers and Paralegals

The voting results are available here and also on the main page side-bar.

Voters suggested the following”Other” names:

  • Law Society of Upper Canada (3 votes)
  • Law Society of Ontario (2 votes)
  • Sh*t Heads (1 vote)
  • The Worshipful Company of Upper Canadvocates (1 vote
Although he missed the voting deadline, Dr. Emir Crowne, Associate Professor at Windsor Law School recently tweeted this gem:
Thanks to all who voted.
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