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Using Social Media Tools in a Practical and Ethical Way

June 2, 2012

 I had the privilege of co-presenting with David Whelan, Manager, Legal Information, Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) at the LSUC’s 7th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference and Expo (Two-Day Program) (View Program Agenda (PDF)).  We presented on the topic of  “Using Social Media Tools in a Practical and Ethical Way”.

See David Whelan’s Blog for a copy of his excellent Power Point slideshow and paper.

Here’s my Power Point slideshow:

Here’s a link to a pdf copy of my paper: Using Social Media Tools in a Practical and Ethical Way. Pribetic

Kudos to the Program Co-Chairs for organizing an informative and interesting conference:

Michele Allinotte, Allinotte Law Office (Blog:

Daniel Pinnington, Vice President, Claims Prevention & Stakeholder RelationsLawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LawPro) (Blog:

Lawyer Phishing Email Scam Alert: Brett Abraham chases Eric Muller for a debt

November 15, 2011
Depicting phishing of information from a computer.

I received the following phishing scam email today from “brett abraham” [].


Hello Counsel,

I am inquiring about the possibility of your firm representing me in the litigation of a loan matter.

Debtor: Eric Muller

Amount: $288,000.00

Amount Paid:$80,000

Balance $208,000.00 plus 7.75% annual interest.

If you or your firm can be of any assistance, please get back to me at your earliest convenience so I can send you related documents.

Your’s Truly

Brett Abraham”

The New Zealand Law Society website has also posted a similar warning.

I highly commend readers to follow Dan Pinnington’s Avoid A Claim Blog that identifies various types of frauds, email scams and related chicanery. Here is a link to FAQ’s About LAWPRO’s enhanced coverage for counterfeit certified cheques, bank drafts, including conditions or limitations to the enhanced coverage.

While this phishing email is plainly obvious, it is likely that some unsuspecting, distracted,  desperate, naive lawyer or law firm will respond and waste their time, if not get actually get hooked into the scam.

It would be helpful if the Law Society of Upper Canada provided similar warnings to the legal profession in Ontario.

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