Trial Advocacy: Become A Master of the Universe with the Lord Garth of Izar Method

Steve Ihnat (with Yvonne Craig) as Garth of Iz...

Steve Ihnat (with Yvonne Craig) as Garth of Izar in Star Trek episode, “Whom Gods Destroy” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Late, Great Steve Ihnat as “Lord Garth of Izar” in an excerpt from the classic Star Trek- The Original Series episode: “Whom Gods Destroy” [ Stardate: 5718.3-Original Airdate: Jan 3, 1969]”

GARTH: I am Lord Garth! Master of the universe! You doubt me only because I have not as yet had my coronation.
KIRK: No, sir, listen to me. I
GARTH: Stop! On your knees.
GARTH: On your knees before me! All the others before me have failed. Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Lee Kuan, Krotus! All of them are dust! But I will triumph! I will make the ultimate conquest!

(Start at 2:20)

A lesson for trial lawyers: acting is an art.

Know your audience. Project your voice, but use timbre and inflection at the appropriate time. Balance ethos and logos with pathos.

Become a Master of the Universe.

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