Googlito Ergo Sum (or “You Want Fries With That?”)

I stumbled upon a flashy new Canadian blog today called “Advocates Daily“.

There’s a whole lot of stuff going on the site, with bells and whistles galore. It resembles an online newspaper format, of some sort. Actually, it is vaguely reminiscent of those RSS aggregators and dailies that clog up my Twitter stream.

Rather than dismiss it outright, with a few minutes to kill, I noodled around the site and here is what it’s all About:


There are 69,000 lawyers in Canada: how will you set yourself apart? is the legal news website that links lawyers with the media, colleagues and clients. Our concept is simple: We amplify lawyers’ online presence to generate new business opportunities and convert referrals into clients.

With original content featuring our member lawyers and timely news from across the profession, is a combination legal news platform, news aggregator, blog, and video station. Only our member lawyers are featured on the site and all content is client-approved before going live.

What’s more, is the bridge between the legal community and the media. We’ve successfully matched lawyers with all major media outlets and is the go-to spot for journalists to find new legal sources for their stories.

Consider the content on media releases: journalists are welcome to use them for their own stories both for ideas and quotes.

Google yourself. Do you exist online beyond your website?

Together with our members, we create regular, relevant online content that links from our website to theirs and back again. When a prospective client is referred, the next step is to Google the lawyer’s name before making contact. Those prospects will find compelling content about our members online to support the referral, providing a definitive edge over the competition.

We aggregate our members’ media appearances, so even when the originating news sites archive coverage, that content stays high in the Google rankings via When prospects Google our members, that coverage appears in one package with links that drive traffic back to their own websites.

What our members get: solid online presence and names in the news.

First, we put our clients’ names out there by posting content on Anything goes, from papers, factums, comments on cases and original story ideas to:

· aggregated media coverage 

· decisions

· media releases 

· blogs

· videos

The bottom line: means business.

When choosing a lawyer, people want to know all they can. We deliver the right message for each member, the way they want it, and that means business.

Membership with is offered for a nominal fee per lawyer on an annual contract.

For firm-wide memberships, we offer customized rates that include a dedicated liaison whose journalism background ensures high participation rates, story identification support and best value.

Our fees are tax deductible.

Woop, there it is…the familiar law marketing mantra: “Google yourself. Do you exist online beyond your website?”

Googlito Ergo Sum.

Sure, there’s strength in numbers, but the noise level of the herd lemmings crowd can drown out the individual message. Luckily, the site offers a fast food Services Menu for those too busy or disinterested in doing any heavy lifting:

Ah, yes. “Article Ghostwriting/Blogging“. Another prime example of the Greenfieldian ‘race to the bottom’.  It’s as though we keep repeating ourselves. It’s as though we keep repeating ourselves. Since some people never learn, read these posts and commit them to memory:

You want fries with that?

Flawg away. Flawg away. Flawwwgggg awwwwaaaayyyyy.

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2 Responses to “Googlito Ergo Sum (or “You Want Fries With That?”)”

  1. michaelwebster Says:

    We run an aggregator site for those in the franchise industry in North America, including attorneys. (

    It is a lot harder than putting together some rss feeds, a newspaper template, or a clone.

    Good luck to them, but I don’t see how the usual business model for an aggregator site will for attorneys.

  2. Lloyd Green Says:

    It’s all about quality content now and also author authority, sites like this, if they become a free for all, will just get downgraded by google sooner rather than later.

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