My #clawbies2011 Nominations

December has arrived and as the Christmas holiday retail blitz approaches and a New Year beckons, it’s time to… consider nominations for the 2011 ClawBies.

I’ve reflected recently on the state of the Canadian Blawgosphere in 2011. While the trend appears to have shifted away from “blawgs—law blogs that reflect a personal, rather than commercial, approach to legal writing and analysis—there are a few Canadian lawyers that do not write exclusively for social media law marketing or client development purposes. With that caveat in mind, the  following are my ClawBies nominations for this year:

1.  Le droit au silence (Véronique Robert) Droit criminel – Réflexions au fil des jours. Commentaires sur l’actualité judiciaire, québécoise et canadienne surtout. Par Véronique Robert, un éminent avocat en droit criminel, écrit incisive sur diverses questions touchant le système de justice pénale. Je recommande fortement le «droit au silence” blogue qui donne une perspective unique en français sur l’état de droit au Canada.  Dignes de mention postes: “Les crimes à Caractère sexuel” et “Une défense de provocation pour les Shafia?

2. Erik Magraken’s BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims BlogBritish Columbia ICBC injury claims lawyerErik Magraken is my perennial favourite for a Clawbies award. Erik is not only a prolific blawger (over 1000 posts to date), he consistently provides authoritative, insightful legal analysis on a variety of issues affecting the legal profession. I particularly enjoyed Erik’s posts  on sexual assault civil cases and appreciated his willingness to comment on the disturbing trend among some personal injury lawyers and firms in his “Feeds of Disaster” post.

3.      Avoid A Claim Blog: Dan Pinnington, Director of PracticePRO for LawPRO, and his colleagues provide Ontario lawyers with helpful risk management, claims prevention and law practice management information. The “fraud alerts” are timely and the practice tips are, indeed, “practical”. Sometimes a bit heavy on the “legal technology” front, but, no one’s perfect.

Good luck to all nominees.

My ardent hope is that no Flawgers are nominated or, heaven forfend, awarded a ClawBie. If this happens, I will have no recourse but to start a Flawgies Award ™ contest next year.

7 Responses to “My #clawbies2011 Nominations”

  1. Erik Magraken Says:

    Thanks Antonin, much appreciated.

  2. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Erik.

  3. Irene Carlson Says:

    Yes Antonin, I support your choice.

    Erik Magraken is “#1”. I will comment later, for now only to say this: I have always gained from his posts and updates. I still do. He seems to be everwhere on top of current affairs in many areas of law, plus…endless energy, straight-forward, wise and involved deeply in issues for justice and change. Good call! [comment edited: AIP]

  4. Véronique Robert (@VeroRobert) Says:

    Oh!!! Merci Antonin! I am sincerely touched. (And your french is cute, but perfectly intelligible).

  5. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Too bad my English is neither cute, nor intelligible. 😀

  6. Véronique Robert (@VeroRobert) Says:

    Gnan, you are talking about my english. :p

  7. Irene Carlson Says:

    Erik Magraken, providing countless detailed posts on several legal issues and his work on sexual civil cases places him far above others in his field.Erik seems to have a deep understanding of the long lasting impact on its victims making his posts always a welcomed read.Has my vote!

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