The Rakofsky Transcript: Cost = $1400; Value = Priceless

Eric Turkewitz, the author of the New York Personal Injury Law Blog and representing 33 of the “Rakofsky 74” defendants (now 81 in total) in Rakofsky v. The Internet, has posted Rakofsky v. Internet (First Motion) – New York Personal Injury Law Blog.

Eric has filed  a motion is to extend the time to answer for all defendants, to establish a unified schedule for making motions and answering, and to admit Marc Randazza pro hac vice. He has posted a copy of his ably drafted Affidavit and a copy of the much anticipated Trial Transcript.

According to J-Dog (the pseudonymous author of the Restoring Dignity to the Law Blog) in response to The Rakofsky’s demand for an apology and retraction (and compensation), J-Dog offered to correct his entries and apologize if The Rakofsky provided proof that the facts were different than what the Washington Post claimed. The Rakofsky then replied:

“I have a transcript, but you’re the one who wrote the story and you need to get it yourself. The transcript cost me $1400. I insist that you not take my word for it and buy the transcript yourself, which you should have done before you presumed to harm me.”

The transcript may have cost Rakofsky $1400, but from where the ‘Rakofsky 74’ defendants sit, it is priceless.

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