Greetings to my Egyptian Visitors

*The map above depicts recent visits to the Trial Warrior Blog.

I have criticized the internet as a haven for trolls, spammers, snake oil salesmen and cyberstalkers. The internet is also a place (in the metaphysical sense) where those who care about law, justice and democracy can share these ideas (and ideals)and debate them freely without government interference. Until recently, the Egyptian protesters (revolutionaries in the real sense of the word) were curtailed by the Mubarak regime through a ham-fisted attempt to block them from accessing the internet; whether via a “kill switch” or disrupting ISPs servers.

During the last three weeks, I have not had any visitors from Egypt, albeit I have had some sporadic visitors from neighbouring Middle East and North African states.

To my  recent Egyptian visitors and others fighting for freedom, dignity and democracy in the Middle East, North Africa and anywhere else in the world: Welcome to The Trial Warrior Blog!

In our daily lives, we here in the West take for granted the rights and freedoms that you are fighting to regain at the risk of personal safety of yourselves, your family and your friends. I salute you.

Please forgive the Google translated Arabic, but I hope as the Egyptian Revolution continues, you keep these words close to your hearts and minds:

سيادة القانون ليس قانون من القاعدة

(The Rule of Law Is Not the Law of Rule)

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