Blawg Review #292 by CharonQC: “Genius…fostered by energy”

CharonQC is a “Blawging Masochistus Emeritus”. I use this honorific with utmost admiration and abiding respect, knowing how labour-intensive and time-consuming it is to host just one Blawg Review (Blawg Review #250 ) in the past.

Blawg Review #292—Mike Semple Piggot’s most recent contribution to the blawgospheric canon—is aptly described by John Bolch at Family Lore as “epic”. I would have used the same superlative, but will settle for “epicurean” instead. After all, it is a veritable cornucopia of literary riches; chock full of links to fascinating posts from both well-established and emerging blawgers, inter alia: English, Irish, Scottish, American and Canadian. A whirlwind, worldwide, whirligig of a Blawg Review if there ever was one.

CharonQC also whets the intellectual palate with a classicist theme based upon Marcus Tullius Cicero: Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist, and Roman constitutionalist. Amusingly, Wikipedia suggests that he is sometimes anglicized as “Tully“). When Cicero said, “Genius is fostered by energy”, [Pro Coelio (Ch. xix, sec. 45)], he must surely have had someone like CharonQC in mind.

For those who have yet to unearth some of the literary gems encrusted by Charon QC, his latest Blawg Review is his sixth missive for the  Carnival of Law Bloggers:

Scott Greenfield writes eloquently today about Institutional Memory for those new to the blawgosphere. Legal news, like all news, is ephemeral. To avoid suffering Institutional Memory Loss, and to reinvigorate your own legal writing, a second helping of what CharonQC has cooking is good for the constitution.

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    […] Blawg Review #292. It is in other respects quite a tour de force. Some have called it epic, others epicurean: I shall call it…epicacious (a phrase I coined about ooh – ten seconds ago and which is […]

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