My 2010 CLawBies Nominations

Apparently, the  2010 Clawbies nominations are now open (Twitter hashtag: #Clawbies2010). Unlike some other beauty contests, there is no opportunity for politicking, soliciting, bribing or pandering for votes.

Thankfully, there are some Canadian blawgers who continue to write  original, timely and authoritative legal content, instead of pandering to prospective clients or trying to get a speaking gig. It’s very difficult to say which blawgs are better than others, but for 2010, I hereby dub the following worthy of carrying The Trial Warrior sword of law and justice:

1) Canadian Blawger of the Year Award: James C. Morton’s Morton’s Musings. The second best blawg by a Steinberg Morton Hope & Israel LLP member and by far the best overall legal and political analysis in the Canadian blawgosphere. He’s smarter than the average Polar Bear. For the cynics, you’ll note that Morton’s blawg is a personal blawg, like mine. So, if you think I’m kissing his ass, shut the hell up.

2) Canadian Practitioner Blawg Award-(TIE)

  • Erik Magraken’s BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims Blog.  British Columbia ICBC injury claims lawyer. Erik Magraken was one of my nominees last year and continues to impress with his timely and authoritative case updates and legal analysis.
  • Dan Michaluk’s All About Information Blog is more than just about management-side employment and human rights law. Dan regularly is the first to break Canadian legal news stories and case law developments on defamation, information management and privacy issues.
  • Garry J. Wise’s eponymously named Wise Law Blog. A seasoned trial lawyer who knows his way around a courtroom and a computer. Garry blawgs about developments in Canada and the United States, along with commentary on Canadian politics, American politics, technology and noteworthy current affairs.

3) Legal Culture AwardLaw is Cool – Written by law students, including Lawrence Gridin and Omar Ha-Redeye , Law is Cool is Canada’s version of Above The Law, without the watercooler gossip.

4) Non-Legal Audience Award: Connie Crosby who knows more about legal technology than you do.

5) Friend of the North Awards – (TIE). The Four Horsemen of the Blawgocalpyse are my primary source for American logos, ethos, pathos and mythos.

I hope that Canadian blawgers will learn to emulate each of their unique perspectives on law, ethics, social media and politics.

6) EuroCan Connection Awards – Hands down. Charon QC. I don’t know if a UK blawger of Scottish extraction considers himself a European, but who cares? Mike Semple Piggot may be humorous and irreverent, but his legal and political acumen are razor-sharp. Besides, he doesn’t take himself seriously, which I admire most.

7) Practice Management Award – Dan Pinnington’s Avoid A Claim Blog. Like his blawg, Pinnington says what he means, and means what he says. Refreshingly candid and insightful perspective on law and ethics. If he wins, I want a reduction in my LawPro deductible.

8) Law Librarian Blog AwardShaunna Mireau on Canadian Legal Research. Shaunna’s blawg reminds us that law libraries are not reliquaries, but repositories of legal knowledge.

9) Best Legal Technology BlogMichael Geist is the real deal when it comes to “Law Tech”. No, I’m not referring to the pseudo-tech wannabes who blather on Twitter about social media conferences or  the latest iPad plug-in. Geist is the go-to source for copyright, anti-spam legislation and net neutrality. Julian Assange may need his expertise in the future.

10) Best New Law Blog Award– Lawson Lundell LLP’s Western Canada Business Litigation Blog. Finally, a law firm blawg that reads like a practitioner’s blawg. Authored by members of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department, it covers a range of subjects, including defamation and international commercial litigation.

11) Law Professor Blog Award –Osgoode Hall Law School’s The Court is as good, if not better than its American counterpart, SCOTUSBlog in my humble and correct opinion. Admittedly, it’s written mostly by law students who don’t have court experience, but it’s written very, very well.

Antonin I. Pribetic a.k.a. The Trial Warrior

One Response to “My 2010 CLawBies Nominations”

  1. Omar Ha-Redeye Says:

    Thanks as always for the mention Antonin.

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