New journal of Transnational Legal Theory launched

From the Osgoode Alumni website:

“Osgoode Professors Launch of Scholarly Journal “Transnational Legal Theory”

An innovative new international journal is now hosted at Osgoode Hall Law School. Transnational Legal Theory, to be published on a quarterly basis by Hart Publishing, plans to release its first issue in early 2010.

The main objective of the journal is to publish high-quality theoretical scholarship that addresses transnational dimensions of law and legal dimensions of transnational fields and activity.

Several Osgoode professors form part of its international editorial team: Professor Craig Scott (Convening Editor and initiator of the project), Professors Leslie Green, Peer Zumbansen, and François Tanguay-Renaud (Members of the Editorial Committee), and Professors Ruth Buchanan and Robert Wai (Members of the Editorial Board).

Transnational Legal Theory is another testament to Osgoode’s international leadership in legal theory and transnational legal scholarship, and is supported institutionally by the Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security.

For more information about this pioneering initiative, please consult the journal’s website at

For other initiatives related to transnational legal theory at Osgoode, please consult: and”

 Contents in the inaugural issues include:

  • Pluralism in Postnational Risk Regulation: The Dispute over GMOs and Trade – Nico Krisch
  • Human Rights in the Emerging World Order – Joseph Raz
  • Local Rules and a Global Economy: An Economic Policy Perspective – Dan Danielsen
  • Global Legal Pluralism and ‘Private’ International Law – Paul Schiff Berman
  • Jus in Bello through the Lens of Individual Moral Responsibility: McMahan on Killing in War – David Lefkowitz
  • Human Rights qua Normative Practice: Sui Generis or Legal? – Samantha Besson
  • The Pursuit of a Worthwhile Life: Griffin on Human Rights – Terrance McConnell
To see the full list of contents together with the abstracts click here. Online access to them all, hosted by IngentaConnect, is included in all subscriptions.

For further information about Transnational Legal Theory please click here, where you can download a sample paper and order your subscription for 2010.

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