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Blawg Review #319: The Power of Myth and the Myth of Power

April 30, 2012

Welcome to Blawg Review No. 319, which follows U.S. litigator and lobbyist, Dan Hull’s elegant No. 318 at the widely acclaimed What About Paris?

I previously had the privilege of hosting Blawg Review No. 250 employing the theme of the Bushidō (武士道), or “the way of the warrior,” the moral code of the Samurai.

Christopher Columbus, head-and-shoulders portr...

Similar to Christopher Columbus, who on this date back in 1492, received his commission of exploration from Spain; I invite you to join me on this Blawg Review journey, where we will explore two conflicting themes: The Power of Myth and the Myth of Power. (more…)

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