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I Hate RSS Scrapers Who Breach My Copyright

May 11, 2012

I can’t stand Flawging or Splawging (spam law blogging), but I genuinely detest Blog Scraping, including RSS scraping.

It is more than plagiarism.

It is intellectual property theft.

The Trial Warrior Blog is a personal law blog (blawg). I devote a significant amount of time and energy in writing posts for the benefit of my readers. It is NOT commercial speech or lawyer advertising and is in no way associated with my legal practice or my law firm.

I have previously taken a stand on this issue, which resulted in abandoning its RSS aggregator feed.

Today I noticed that one of my posts has been redirected by an RSS feed in violation of my copyright. The only exceptions are where I have authorized or consented to have my blawg being added to a RSS feed aggregator (e.g. Canadian Law Blogs List at because Steve Matthews had the courtesy to ask first) or the exclusive, non-transferrable license granted to Newstex to syndicate my blawg, for which I receive a nominal royalty which covers administrative costs associated with operating my blawg. (more…)

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