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Testicular Fortitude and Free Speech

August 5, 2011

Among various iterations, The Urban Dictionary defines “Testicular fortitude” as:

“A more academic English translation of the Spanish word “cojones”, that originally stood for testicles, two spheric glands part of the reproductive system of males, also commonly known as balls.To have testicular fortitude is to show strength, courage and sagacity in challenging situations. The story of how strength and courage is related to two nuts encased in shriveled skin hanging from between a man’s legs is a fascinating story that i don’t have the time to go into right now.

You can’t win with reserve and lassitude
And you can’t face the unforgiving multitude
Without the manly trait of testicular fortitude”

Strength. Courage. Sagacity. Principled words or words about principles.

Some will be amused (and likely others disgusted) by a recent story circulating the blawgosphere about freedom of speech and the aforementioned male genitalia. (more…)

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