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The Articling Revolution Will Be Tweeted

October 26, 2012

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The Law Society of Upper Canada has spoken about the future of articling.

Well, the Benchers sure spoke a lot during the Convocation meeting— motioning to vote, motioning to defer the debate, motioning for a “friendly amendment” to the deferral of the vote, and, amusingly, Treasurer Tom Conway motioning to one Bencher on the phone to press “*6” and mute his line and stop talking about “Irene”.

Meanwhile,  back at the War Room, my co-panellists and I listened, commented and tweeted. Check out the archive of the live discussion on the Law Society website here(more…)

The Future of Articling in Ontario

October 23, 2012

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The Law Society of Upper Canada will be convening an important debate at the next Convocation on Thursday, October 25, 2012. The debate will address the future of articling as the gateway to lawyer licensure in Ontario. As noted on the Law Society website:

The Law Society of Upper Canada will show the articling debate via a public webcast, and will simultaneously host an online discussion on the Articling Task Force Report featuring journalists, lawyers and members of the public. Interested lawyers, paralegals, students and others can also be part of the discussion. For more details, visit the Law Society Gazette.

The Law Society’s Articling Task Force was formed to address the growing number of unplaced articling students, who are faced with mounting law school debt and an uncertain future as lawyers. (more…)

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