Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

To My Regular Readers:

I’ve joined a new law firm and have been busy moving in and settling into my new office.

I expected to find time to start blogging again in the interim, but I am really, really busy and I seem to have lost my muse.

Fortunately, there are  some exceptional blawgers in the Blawgosphere:

Scott Greenfield (Simple Justice); Gideon’s Trumpet (A Public Defender); Brian Tannebaum (My Law Licence and Criminal Defense); Mark Bennett (Defending People); Brian Cuban (Cuban Revolution); Ken White (Popehat); George Wallace (Declarations & Exclusions and a fool in the forest); Mike Semple Piggot (Charon QC); Keith Lee (An Associate’s Mind); Jordan Rushie (Philly Law Blog); Rick Horowitz (Probable Cause); Mark Randazza (The Legal Satyricon); Eric Turkewitz (New York Personal Injury Law Blog); Ted Folkman (Letters Blogatory); Matt Brown, to name a few; and many others from whom I have learned much and benefited often. My blog roll includes many other fellow lawyers that continue to challenge, provoke and entertain and I commend you to also read them daily.

I hope we shall meet again here…but if we don’t, “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

6 Responses to “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Best of luck at your new firm!

  2. Paul Cutler Says:

    Good luck with the new firm…..and I hope you find your “muse” again (its a momentum thing)

  3. Turk Says:

    Ain’t nothin’ worse than losing your muse. May you find it again…

  4. RIck Horowitz Says:

    This is…. I was going to say “sad news,” but if it were that for you, you would not have done this. So, congratulations to you. (Still sad for us.)

  5. Ted Folkman Says:

    I feared this was coming! I want to think of this as a temporary leave of absence. Who else will straddle the line between curmudgeons and non-curmudgeons?

  6. Jamison Koehler Says:

    Congrats and best wishes. The Trial Warrior will be missed.

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