The Word Must Be Spoken Thrice: A Fanfic Tribute to Supernatural’s Benny


*** Sam yells: Benny, wait! [Sam tosses the Purgatory weapon to Benny who uses it to take out the closest vampire. The other two vampires attack Benny. Sam climbs up the hill to the portal. He looks back to see Benny down on the ground fighting.] Benny? [Sam is sucked through the portal.]


The battle is fierce, relentless.

Benny tries valiantly to dislodge one of the vampires from his back, while the other puts his full weight against Benny’s right arm, trying to force the Purgatory weapon from Benny’s clutched fist.

Instinct takes over.

There is no adrenaline coursing in a vampire’s veins; only cold, efficient reaction. Benny has only a moment to regain his balance, but the larger of the two vampires is too strong.

The Purgatory weapon falls from Benny’s hand. The smaller vampire reaches out and tries to grasp it, but the momentary lapse allows Benny to pivot and regain his footing. The fight is in earnest. Vicious blows exchanged, until Benny cripples the smaller vampire with one tremendous head shot; sending him reeling. Benny lunges for the Purgatory weapon and swings it with meticulous precision; the smaller vampire’s head is dispatched from his body, almost comically rolling like a bowling ball down an alley. The larger vampire, stunned, redoubles his efforts, but the momentum is in Benny’s favour. Stepping back, he thrusts at the larger vampire, full bore, no holds barred. Swinging, slashing, the grisly sound of flesh ripped open. Mercilessly, Benny holds down the larger vampire, his knee pressing down on his chest. Benny moves closer and whispers into the larger vampire’s ear: “Nothing personal, friend, but it’s kill or be killed, even when you’re already dead.” Jagged cuts end the epic struggle.

“Where can a guy find a decent bowl of jambalaya in these parts?”, muses Benny ironically, realizing his unquenchable thirst and hunger for human blood is gone. Purgatory does have its advantages. Trying to get his bearings is a challenge. Having spent a hundred years in Purgatory before with Dean, fighting countless vampires, ghouls, demons, and still without a map. “Where’s a GPS when I need one”, he thought, half-jokingly.

Walking towards a stand of trees, Benny leans against a vertiginous oak; taller, broader than any tree on Earth, dwarfing the California Redwoods by hundreds of feet. As Benny wipes away the dirt, sweat and trickles of blood from his eyes and brow, far off in the distance, the forest groans like a wounded animal.

A dark figure looms in the shadows.

Still disoriented, Benny tries to focus. The dark figure approaches… slithering towards Benny.

The dark figure’s tentacles follow in serpentine syncopation….the sound of timeless menace.

Startled, Benny reaches for the Purgatory weapon and raises it: “Stay away! he garbles, but the dark figure has clamped one of the tentacles around Benny ‘s throat.

The dark figure does not speak, but Benny hears a voice in his head; like the rumble of a hundred thunderstorms and the screeching of a thousand tortured souls in Hell.

“You cannot escape this place”, whispers the dark figure. “Purgatory’s door is closed and you have no key.” Benny struggles to form words, but no words will come. In his mind, bizarre, horrendous images race along, frame by frame, each worse than the last. “Stop! I beg you! Stop this! I can’t….” Benny starts to lose consciousness, until the dark figure relents and releases his grip.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? I have paid my tithe. I have made my sacrifice”, Benny implores the dark figure.

The dark figure’s face, obscured by the cloak, briefly uncovers a hideous, leering smile. Of the many horrors Benny has confronted, in Purgatory, on Earth, this sight is unbearable. Yellow eyes, burning with indifference, stare into Benny’s essence.

“Who are you?”, screams Benny, but no words can escape from his lips.

“You know who I am”, retorts the dark figure. You have always known. This is the reason why you have returned. The Necronomicon.

Benny’s mind races. He struggles to remember, but his mind remains muddled, confused, and disparate. The dark figure allows Benny to speak.

Benny implores: “Are you a demon? An archangel? A Leviathan? What are you?”

“I have many names”, the words escaping with malignant hissing, deep from within the cloak. “Great Old One, The King in Yellow, Him Who Is Not to be Named, Assatur, Xastur, H’aaztre, or Kaiwan, spawn of Yog-Sothoth, half-brother of Cthulhu, the Magnum Innominandum, The Feaster from Afar.”

“My brethren have summoned me to offer you a way out.”

Benny looked askance at the mystical cloaked figure: “There’s no way out of this place. Only a free ride off of a human soul. I did it once. There’s no way…”

“SILENCE!” screeched the dark figure, the howl penetrating Benny’s skull like a diamond-piercing drill.

“Please, please, I, I, can’t take this pain….”, screamed Benny. “What do you want from me?”

The dark figure loomed over Benny, floating, amorphous, menacing…a tentacled appendage for a hand caressing Benny’s haggard face.

Then, almost imperceptibly, the dark figure began to utter words in an ancient tongue, guttural, like the sound of a razor tearing into exposed flesh:

“Do you think we have sat idly by while the Great Pretender, Lucifer and his lap dog, Crowley and their spawn tried to open the doors of Hell? Or when the archangels mewled and allowed one of their own, Castiel, to release the Leviathans? Who do you think wrote the tablets to close the entrances to Heaven and Hell? Before time and space, my brethren and I wrote the Codex Apocrypha which contains the whisper that opens Purgatory’s Door. This place, that you call Purgatory is a convenient fiction. This, and all that exists, comes from Chaos. Azathoth, who rules all time and space from the black throne at the centre of Chaos.The Lake of Hali, Bethmoora, the Yellow Sign, L’mur-Kathulos.”

The dark figure continued:

“ The one the humans call a God is beyond your comprehension or understanding. His power is impotence. His love is indifference. We remain. We are the Gatekeepers.”

As the words plumb the depths of Benny’s fractured mind, each word a helminth wriggling and clasping onto his sanity, Benny collapses, falling backward.

The dark figure then uttered an incantation, raising Benny from the ground, levitating, and suspended like a child’s rag doll: “We have plans for you, Vampire.” Lamia, mater et pater audiat. Tha ghu’g niats fta tlukan sh’utha.”

The dark figure then opened the cloak which had concealed the horror of maggot-filled viscera and removed a yellowed bound parchment. The dark figure then spoke in English:

“The ones called Sam and Dean Winchester will fulfil their destiny. This sacred book, the Apocrypha Codex contains the word that opens the door. The word must be spoken thrice.”

Benny struggled to speak. His throat, his lungs, his entire being burning. “I cannot say this word. I don’t know how to say it!”

The dark figure pursed what passed long ago for lips, but now resembled a cavernous gaping maw:

#htratctttcathouh is a whisper; the remnants of dust in the wind; the sound of one hand clapping.

“I don’t…I can’t say the word….”, stuttered Benny.

The dark figure replied: “Do not worry, only to you will the word be revealed. Your transmogrification is imminent. We have plans for you.”


***SUPERNATURAL, 8.19 Taxi Driver. Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. Directed by: Guy Bee. Air Date: April 3, 2013

Image Credits: 

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6 Responses to “The Word Must Be Spoken Thrice: A Fanfic Tribute to Supernatural’s Benny”

  1. kimconard Says:

    Nicely done! Very good #htratctttcathouh!!

  2. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks, Kim. High praise from a true Supernatural fan. Best, Antonin

  3. Patrick K Says:

    I LOVE supernatural! Nicely written!

  4. Sandra Dotch Says:

    Beautifully written! Supernatural fans at their best!

  5. Heike B. Says:

    OMG … that is wonderful. Just found it after I “googled” #htratctttcathouh. Wow. Well done. *hide-a-tear*

  6. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks, Heike. Glad you enjoyed it. May the power of #htratctttcathouh be with you!

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