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I thank Antonin I. Pribetic for the opportunity to use The Trial Warrior Blog as a forum for my voice, in these few matters.

About me

I am an American lawyer, Wisconsin Bar 1992 (non-active), and I currently run a web media/services consultancy in The Netherlands.

My website:

My Blog:


In the course of this business, I have a operated a Twitter account: ”designing value” (Twitter: @charles_consult) that has over 500 followers and follows over 800 people. It has come to my attention, both by listening to various followers, and through my contacts with people in my business dealings, I seem have found some people are in emergency and urgent need, and are facing either death or homeless conditions for themselves and others. I have three situations that I need to direct your attention to. The first is a situation that requires action as soon as possible. The second situation is an follower that needs organization, political pressure and funding. The third is a set of situations that are medium and large scale developmental situations that require either funding, execution, or both.

Situation One: Mother and child with Lyme disease.

One of my followers seems to be degenerating before my very eyes. She explains to me that she has contracted Lyme disease and has given birth to a daughter that has also contracted the disease. I do not have access to medical records, I cannot from here verify the veracity of this information, but my intuition is that this is an emergency, if not highly urgent situation. She is in  a situation that needs a direct aid that I am not able to render. She is a New Jersey resident. I have more details but these are not appropriate for general publication but can be supplied upon request.

She and her daughter need treatment from Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and some sort of guidance as to getting a proper education, made more complicated by the special needs of a juvenile Lyme patient.

Finally, there’s smoke, there’s fire. For every Lyme victim I report about, there are many more. It is my understanding that there is an epidemic of Lyme and that there needs to be a coordinated large scale response. I will supply links and further information at the end of this blog entry as endlinks.

Situation Two: Poverty reduction in Thailand/Malaysia.

One of my followers on Twitter is named Zashnain. He is an experienced social worker and emergency responder working in Thailand, Malaysia and southeast asia. He has a website, and a Twitter name @bedlumfury. He has stared directly at the most greating poverty every day, and sends messages about what he sees, as well as occasional images. He is in need of funding for projects, increased awareness, more political leverage, and other such organization as so directs.

Situation Three: Hexayurts to Haiti / Reforestation Pilot Project

I have begun an effort to bring sustainable housing to Haiti, and other such areas here the mortality is greater than 1%. I am early in this investigation, but I believe that is would be a good idea to look at the the ideas that have been developed by Engineers Without Borders in the development of appropriate shelter technology for emergency situations.

Finally, much more developed, are the reforestation projects. I am a partner in a reforestation organization and we are looking for funding for three separate but closely connected projects: Trees for Life, PSA, and Toys for Trees.

Trees for Life

A project of SEEDS (Sarvodaya Economic Enterprises Development Services (Guarantee) Limited) the economic arm of the Sarvodaya Shramdana Movement, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Promoted by EcoDesignCenter, Dehiwale, Sri Lanka and Earth Club, the Netherlands

Pilot project

Train and coordinate fieldworkers

Collect data and account figures, monitoring, inform donors

Prepare educational material and approach media

Agricultural and tree research and making recommendations what to plant

Arrange legal matters concerning land ownership and connect with Government, wild life department, religious institutions etc. about planting on their lands.

Arrange carbon credits (VER) and donor funds


A project of the People’s Solidarity Association (PSA), Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu in India.

This project wants to try out  a new concept (‘tree credits’) to combine existing microfinance structures and other community based activities with climate measures and to work on grass roots empowerment and income from agroforestry. Income generating, water supply and solar PV based power supply will play a more prominent role in the further stages of the project.

Toys for Trees

Production of wooden design toys + soft toys is done by Sri Toys International

Logistics by Sri Toys/ ACTI including individual packaging, shipping order administration and financial administration

Initially there are two product prices:

For each item sold a number of trees are planted. As the brand name, 4Trees, indicates, 4 trees will be sold with most products and trees are sold separately.


I ask that you provide support in the form of money, and networking/administrative support as soon as possible. The Lyme situation is particularly urgent!

Thank you very much for your time. I know that the time expended by the people that look at this site is very expensive, and I hope that I have not wasted any of it.


Lyme Disease:

Hexayurts to Haiti

Poverty Reduction in Thailand

Reforestation Projects

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