Awesome. Truly Awesome.

I’d never heard of Ryan Karben before.

Until today.

Apparently he’s a New York attorney and a New York Democrat who represented the state’s 95th Assembly District in Albany from 2003–2006. His meteoric rise within New York political and legal circles apparently warrants his own Wikipedia page. So, when I received a comment this morning from “Ryan Karben” , which found its way into my spam folder, I was intrigued. I clicked on the Tumblr link and here’s what it said (glaring grammatical errors included):

Ryan Karben a Awesome Leader

Ryan Karben’s success in the court room and at the negotiating table, experience at New York’s most prestigious law offices and superior academic credentials make sure that your legal needs are handled with focus, care and precision.

When the requirement to obtain a lawyer arises, you must manage to find a great lawyer who’s knowledgeable inside region that’s needed and it has an incredible reputation. Lots of people would rather locate a local lawyer if it is Ryan Karben, a brand new York lawyer or not. A lawyer search happens to be an overwhelming and frequently frightening task for anybody who has certainly not needed a lawyer before. Personal, business and criminal problems can arise for pretty much anyone without notice.
Ryan Karben was born within the borough with the Bronx on September 29, 1974. In 1979, his family transferred to Spring Valley, Nyc. Karben would be a student at the Frisch School in Paramus, Nj-new jersey.[1] He attended Yeshiva University as being a Max Stern Distinguished Scholar and graduated magna cum laude in 1996 having a B.A. in English. Then attended the Columbia Law School to be a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, graduating in 1999.
Karben is usually a an affiliate the American Bar Association and also the Ny State Bar Association.
Karben married Lauren C. Bekritsky, his senior high school sweetheart, in June 1996. The Karbens have three daughters.

In 1995, Karben lost his initial bid being county legislator in the age of 21 when he finished fourth inside a race for 3 open positions. In his concession speech at the Holiday Inn in Suffern, The big apple, Karben assured his supporters he considered the election an optimistic experience and that he can be back.
In 1997, Karben was elected to represent Ramapo within the Rockland County Legislature. He was the youngest county lawmaker from the State of the latest York during those times and remains the youngest person to get served inside the Rockland County Legislature. Karben was selected as majority leader from the Rockland County Legislature in 2001-2002.
In November 2002, Karben was elected for the Nyc State Assembly in Albany to represent the 95th district, including the city of Orangetown and parts of the Town of Ramapo in Rockland County. Karben served for the Energy Committee and led an exploration of Consolidated Edison in 2004. Karben had also pushed for tougher sex-offender tracking laws and environmental cleanups at several Rockland County sites.
Following his resignation, he soon began his personal law practice, the Law Office of Ryan Karben, based at his home in Monsey. In September 2007, Karben was named Managing Director of Fleishman-Hillard Government Relations, a national political consulting and lobbying firm.

A client-centered lawyer, Karben provides individuals, privately-held and public companies with candid advice in transactions and determined advocacy inside courtroom. He’s represented major construction companies, property companies, publishers, health clinics, non-profit organizations and municipalities in a number of practice areas.

Karben’s legal practice is informed from the experience he gained over 13 years in town plus the Nyc State Legislature. Karben graduated with honors on the Columbia University School of Law. His “real-world” experience is gleaned from his have Manhattan’s largest legal firms.
He has repeatedly won oral arguments before New York’s jurists, secured numerous approvals for environmentally responsible real-estate developments and negotiated comprehensive and thoughtful answers to serious business disputes.

Ryan KarbenRyan KarbenRyan Karben

Posted 1 month ago [emphasis added of amusing excerpts]

Here’s his AWESOME firm website bio:

I suppose there wasn’t enough room to include the reason why he resigned from the New York State Assembly, or that he was fired as the Spring Valley Village Attorney.

Awesome. Truly awesome.

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3 Responses to “Awesome. Truly Awesome.”

  1. shg Says:

    And here I thought it was worth my while to use the English language when writing on the interwebz. No wonder I’m not totally awesome.

  2. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You remain totally awesome, within or without the interwebz.

  3. Ryan Karben Says:

    Ryan Karben…

    […]Awesome. Truly Awesome. « THE TRIAL WARRIOR BLOG[…]…

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