Email Backlinking Offer from Sara Connor: Terminated

Sarah Connor (Terminator)

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I received the following email today (backlinks removed):


I’m Sara, and I own I see you’ve accepted guest posts on in the past–would you allow me to also write a guest post for you?

I’m happy to research and compose an original article specifically written for your site, on any topic of your choosing. I hope you’d let me put a discreet link to my own website,, at the end of my post.

All that would be required of you is to review/approve my completed article to make sure that it coincides with the theme of your site.

Please let me know if you would like to see samples of my work before accepting my offer.

Thank you for your time,

Sara Connor
Blogger | Owner
Personal Injury Attorney

Here is my reply [insert your best Arnold Schwarzenegger accent here]:

Dear Sara Connor:

Thank you for your email.

You are correct in stating that I allow guest posts on my blawg. However, it is by my invitation only and extended solely to those whom I respect as blawgers.

Regrettably, I do not accept solicitations for cross-linking or back-linking purposes. The Trial Warrior Blog is a personal endeavour. It is not a for-profit marketing vehicle. I do not accept advertisements, Google Adwords, SEO or any other form of direct or indirect marketing ploys. Perhaps you have not benefited from reading any of my posts previously, since you would know how I feel about ghostblawging, which is essentially the intent of your offer. You wish for me to allow you to ghost-write a post for the sole purpose of directing my readers to your website. Unacceptable.

Furthermore, on what basis or rationale do you actually believe that you are able to write a post remotely relevant or of sufficient quality to meet my readers’ standards to fit within my blawg theme or subject-matter?

I do not practice personal injury law anymore (in fact, the last time I did so was in the late 90s).

Moreover, are you aware that I am a Canadian lawyer? I sure hope so, since you should not be writing about Canadian law if you are not licensed to practice in any Canadian province or territory.

According to your website:

While many personal injury lawyers and other legal organizations choose to link to Personal Injury Attorney in order to educate their readers and clients about the personal injury lawsuit process, we do not accept advertisements nor specifically recommend any attorney or personal injury law firm.

Frankly, given your email offer, I find this to be misleading advertising. While you may not specifically recommend any attorney or personal injury law firm, the fact that you are soliciting lawyers to allow backlinking to your site implies some form of tacit approval or affiliation.

As your namesake said in the Terminator: “there’s a storm coming”. I suggest you buy an umbrella.

Hasta la vista, baby.

One Response to “Email Backlinking Offer from Sara Connor: Terminated”

  1. nothingwillbehidden Says:

    Hey ,way to go wise ethical choice good on you,thanks respecting you’re blog and it’s followers!

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