Grundstuecksverwaltungsgesellschaft MBH v. Hanne

077/365: Terribly Tongue Tied

Image by bmhkim via Flickr

The Alberta appeal court decision in Grundstuecksverwaltungsgesellschaft MBH v. Hanne, 2011 ABCA 185 (CanLII) dealt with an appeal of a chambers judge’s order dismissing an application to compel answers in a cross-examination on an affidavit. The application was for summary judgment to enforce, in Alberta, a judgment that the plaintiff/respondent had obtained in Germany.

The decision itself is not particularly noteworthy, so I will not summarize it.

I did find the plaintiff’s business name amusingly long and I imagine that even if both parties’ lawyers were fluent in German, referring to the plaintiff’s name would have been a mouthful.

It still doesn’t come close to the longest German word:


(English translation: Association for subordinate officials of the head office management of the Danube steamboat electrical services).

Listen to a pronunciation here and try to say it five times, fast.

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