Where Are All The Canadian International Law Blogs?

Steve Matthews and Jordan Furlong of Stem Legal and their staff at LawBlogs.ca have created an impressive repository of Canadian law blogs ( which I also refer to as “blawgs”) and the list continues to grow. Since a considerable amount of my writing is devoted to international litigation and arbitration, I have noticed lately that with few exceptions, the state of the Canadian international law blawgosphere is  anemic. At first, I couldn’t find a category on the main page, but managed to find 3 blogs under the category:  International & Cross-Border Law Blogs:

  • The Cross-Border Biotech BlogBiotechnology, Health and Business in Canada, the United States and Worldwide is c0-edited by Jeremy Grushcow, a corporate lawyer at Ogilvy Renault LLP who holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, and is a member of the Bar in Ontario, New York and Illinois, and Audrey Fried-Grushcow a  U.S.-trained lawyer and mediator, along with a  number of firm members that contribute regularly.
  • Legal FrontiersMcGill’s Blog on International Law, an initiative of the McGill Faculty of Law, is “a forum where students can develop and improve their research and writing skills while contributing to international legal discourse in English and French. The project is interdisciplinary with contributors exploring a wide variety of international issue areas.” Blogging duties are shared among Yeniva Massaquoi– Contributor-in-Chief; Martin Hétu-Executive Contributor; Andrew Cleland-Interim Executive Contributor; Nafay Choudhury-Interim Executive Contributor and a rotating staff that resembles a traditional law review editorial board.
  • Altro & Associates Blog-hosted by the boutique law firm of Altro & Associates, LLP, with offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, Sarasota and Naples, which specializes in ” sophisticated cross border tax, estate planning and real estate legal services to high net worth individuals.” David A. Altro is the firm’s managing partner Altro & Associates, LLP.

If you include the Trial Warrior Blog, that makes for a grand total of four international law blogs in Canada. That’s really lame. I used to follow a law blog (now defunct) called Renvoi: Lex Situs Conflictus, authored by Seva Batkin, now with the Vancouver, BC law firm Clark Wilson LLP. Maybe Seva will convince his colleagues to bring Renvoi back (a conflict of laws joke).

Anywho, I hereby throw down the guantlet and challenge my fellow Canadian international litigators and arbitrators to start their own personal or firm blogs dedicated to international law from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Let’s make 2011 “The Year of  the Canadian International Blawg“.

If any readers come across any new or interesting Canadian law blogs that include international or transnational law issues, send me an email.


The Trial Warrior

One Response to “Where Are All The Canadian International Law Blogs?”

  1. Jason Dykstra Says:

    Hi Antonin,
    Thanks for sharing the lawblogs.ca link, I did not realize that it existed! Found lots of other great blogs on there. Thanks for all the information that you share!


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