ClawBies 2010 Awards: More Burek, anyone?

I am honoured to collegially share a Best Practitioner’s Blog Award with my co-winners, Donna Seale’s Human Rights in the Workplace and Dianne Saxe’s Environmental Law and Litigation for the 2010 ClawBies.

To put it bluntly, I demand a recount. Either of my nominees, Erik Magraken’s BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims Blog and Garry Wise’s Wise Law Blog are deserving of this recognition in my stead.

False modesty aside, as this year’s (and twice previous) ClawBies EuroCan Connection Award winner, CharonQC (Mike Semple Piggot) noted on Twitter today:

This is an award I can accept… no nonsense, voting, algorithms etc etc! and from fellow bloggers ! :-)”

Or, as Scott Greenfield, author of  Simple Justice, quoting Max Kennerley, reminds us all:

“Ah, blogging. “Blogging is a pie eating contest in which the prize is: more pie.” (via @MaxKennerly)”

For real blawgers, there are no free passes in the blawgosphere.  Just ask Brian Tannebaum, author of both the My Law License and Criminal Defense blogs, who sardonically quips,

“@AntoninPribetic won an award for writing substantive posts that provide good legal analysis and thought? Who gives a crap about that here?”

I do appreciate the peer recognition that the ClawBies represents, but it is the camaraderie that blawging engenders that is the real ROI. As Wittgenstein once said, “There are remarks that sow and remarks that reap.”

I encourage my readers to check out all of the blogs duly recognized in this year’s ClawBies.  I am particularly impressed with Adam’s Law Blog, by Toronto criminal lawyer Adam Goodman. As mentioned by the ClawBies jury panel,  “his G20 posts especially stood out in 2010, making us look forward to more in 2011.”

Now, it’s no time to rest on your laurels by dawdling, lollygagging or vacillating. There are posts to write and miles to go before you sleep. Oh yes, and more pie. In my case, I prefer Burek.*

*(h/t Amy Derby: and on Twitter: @amyderby).

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