A (Slightly Improved) Lawyer Phishing Scam

I received the following email today from “Mrs. Alice Wood”  on behalf of “BP Global Oil”:

“Steinberg Morton Hope & Israel LLP

5255 Yonge St.

Suite 1100

Toronto, ON

Canada M2N 6P4


We the management of BP Global | BP Oil company mainly in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG),United Kingdom require your legal representation for our North America Customers.

We got your contact through the Canadian Bar Association and after going through your profile, we are of the convinced that you are qualified to provide the legal services we require.

We are of the opinion that the ability to consolidate payments from North America will eradicate delays due to inter-continental monetary transaction between the united Kingdom and North America.

We understand that a proper attorney client retainer (Agreement) will provide the necessary authorization and we are most inclined to commence talks as soon as possible.

Your consideration of our request is highly anticipated.

Mrs Alice Wood

Human Resource Department

Recruitment Section

BP Global Oil

International Headquarters

1 St James’s Square

London , SW1Y 4PD , UK



Copyright (c) 2010 BP Global | BP All Rights Reserved

Cc:Richard Gray

Group Manager

BP Global Oil”

This particular email fraud is not new (see the OBA’s Fraud Alert: BP Global Oil Solicitation). What is interesting is that this scammer went through the trouble of finding my office email address, including my firm mailing address and referring to my CBA membership. I guess that they never bothered reading my post: BP Oil Disaster: Why the Solution to Pollution is Not About “Brand” Dilution

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