Fugue State

I am alone in a desert.  A mirage ahead.  Running with reckless abandon;
My thirst remains unquenchable.

I am adrift at sea.  A siren’s call beckons. A song of bittersweet oblivion;
I steer blindly into the rocky shoals.

I am in a crowd.  Standing off in the distance.  Wading through the clamour, drawing nearer;
I dissolve into nothingness.

I am walking along a broken, winding road.  A passing car speeds by. I am too weary, too forlorn.
I neither shout nor raise my hand.

I am on a stage. The audience, restless, begins to laugh and jeer. Words fail and thoughts betray.
I turn away.

I am lost in a waking dream.  I stumble in the wretched darkness.  Within the solitude;
An epiphany.


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