UPDATED: Good Grief! ‘Bait & Switch’: Law Publishing Version

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 I admire law professors. Most are not merely educators; many help shape the development of the law within their respective fields, always mindful of the Academy’s imprimatur to “publish or perish”. It ‘s hard enough when the cracks begin to surface not only from within, but also from without, the Ivory Tower.  I also understand the purpose behind legal publishers (law school or corporate) who, as recently suggested by Gary Rodrigues at slaw.ca “face a major challenge for continuing relevance” both in the Canadian and other major legal markets. Free online publishing tools notwithstanding, there is prestige garnered in having one’s law article published in a recognized peer reviewed law journal.

I am grateful not to be subject to this form of institutional pressure. As Aristotle said, “Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” I am a lawyer, not an academic. While I have been privileged to have some of my articles published in respected law journals and law association newsletters, I do not suffer from the deceit, or conceit, that I am a legal academic. Nevertheless, peer review is peer review. Whether I am writing a case comment or traditional legal journal article, I am mindful that the purpose of legal writing is more than mere pedagogy. There is a method to one’s madness in devoting valuable time and concentrated effort into legal writing; applying intellectual rigour to a legal problem and trying to provide a new or different way towards a solution. It sharpens the mind and reinvigorates the psyche.

It is for these reasons that I urge fellow legal writers of all persuasions to think twice before accepting an invitation to publish with the Journal of US-China Law Review, one of a number of academic journals published by David Publishing Company a Chinese-based online publisher with offices in Libertyville, Illinois and Queen’s, New York.

Here’s why.

I recently received an unsolicited email from this so-called law journal expressing interest in publishing one of my recent law articles. The email read in part:

“David Publishing strives to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings and results. We admire your achievements, and we understand how important your research impact to other peers in the same interest field and other disciplines, and how delighted you would be when communicating with global professional peers. Your contribution to our journals would be very much welcome! 


1. Paper must be empirical or theoretical contributions without being published previously; 

2. All other scholars’ words or remarks as well as their origins must be indicated if quoted 

3. Abstract and key words should be prerequisite; 

4. Paper would contain at least 3000 words (including abstract, keywords and footnotes.    

5. The sample of the journal is in attachment, you can consult it.”

Frankly, I had no particular interest in submitting my paper for publication, as it required some polishing and updating since writing the original draft this past summer. In any event, since the Journal of US-China Law Review put out the bait, I  bit down on the hook.

After a purported “double-blind” peer review process, my article was approved for publication, subject to some very minor edits:

“Dear Antonin I. Pribetic,

We are pleased to inform you that your paper… submitted for consideration for US-China Law Review, has been processed utilizing a two person referee process and upon their recommendation your paper has been accepted for publication.But there are some modification you should do.We have indicated in text,you can find it in attachment.And please send back the revision in one week.

Best regards
Journal of US-China Law Review
David publishing Company”

In retrospect, I should have seen a red flag, but, candidly, I was busy last week and, I thought, “Hey, if they’re ok with it, then it must be really good”. Actually, I did significant revisions to the conclusion, but that’s besides the point.
It turns out that there was some “fine print” that the august Journal editor omitted to point over the course of our email exchanges. While I had never heard of this law journal before, it seemed to check out based upon a Google search.

After some to-ing and fro-ing during the editorial process, I received a confirmatory email which began innocuously enough:

“Dear Antonin I. Pribetic,

We have received your revision. Please tell us your research field.” [emphasis added]

Well, someone must not have read the paper after all. Note to Journal Editors: read the abstract and keywords and you’ll probably surmise what the research field is.

The Journal editor’s email then continues with terms and conditions for publication:

According to the policy of the journal, if you agree to publish your paper, you need to confirm several things below and offer us definite answers:

1. All articles must normally be empirical or theoretical contributions not previously published; all other scholars’ words or remarks and their origins must be indicated if quoted;
2. Confirm to authorize us to publish your paper in US journal;
3. Confirm to authorize us to add your paper to Hein Online, EBSCO,CEPS, VIP, etc, after it is published;
4. Confirm to authorize us to add your paper to CSA Social Science Collection of databasesPAISl database…”

So far, so good.

Until…this curve ball is served up:

“5. When your paper is accepted for publishing, you need to pay a service charge on reviewing, editing and printing your paper. The flat price is $50 per page. Your paper has 14 pages, and the total service fee is $720 (including $20 postage for hard copies of the journal after your paper is published).

Attached pls find out the payment methods.
After we receive your confirmation on payment arrange, we will typeset and print your paper and inform you our process details later.

When your paper is published, the journal within your paper and invoice will be mailed to you.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
Best Regards,

Journal of US-China Law Review
ISSN1548-6605USA” [emphasis added]

Um. Yeah, I’ve got a question.  Here’s my reply email:

“Are you seriously asking me to pay a service charge to your journal to have my paper published? I thought the Journal of US-China Law Review was a legitimate academic journal. The answer is a flat NO. Please do not waste my time.”

Not surprisingly, I have yet to receive a response.


It appears that David Publishing has no interest in disclosing its publishing fee policy to prospective authors. There is still no disclosure of a publishing fee on the current version of its website. Instead, the following is a vague reference to some form of “discount”, written in amusingly stilted English:

What’s the discount policy?

Nornally there is no discount for each paper. Only if your achievement too excellence, you could get some discount.

Here is a screenshot of the FAQ:

This form of material omission is unethical. As far as whether it is legal under U.S. law, perhaps there are American lawyers specializing in consumer protection law that are willing to comment on the applicability of the Federal Trade Commission Act and the FTC’s Deception Policy Statement.

291 Responses to “UPDATED: Good Grief! ‘Bait & Switch’: Law Publishing Version”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for your report. I received an e-mail from David Publishing as well, asking me to publish in the Jounral of Life Sciences. First, I am not in life sciences. Second, the text did refer to a specific presentation of mine at a conference last year, but did not cite a bit of the content. Third, the e-mail was not signed by any person with a name (only the name of the journal). After a brief search I found their homepage, which looked legitimate at first sight, and your blog with this entry. Deleted the e-mail, knowing I did not turn down an opportunity. Thanks again! – JPL

  2. The Trial Warrior Says:

    I"m glad this post saved you from wasting your time.

  3. AngryFish Says:

    Thanks a lot for this information. I received an invitation as well, asking me to publish in the Journal “China-USA Business Review”. The conference presentation they are interested in has nothing to do with the field of international economics at all. But nevertheless, it looked reliable. Then I found this story.
    Thanks a lot saving my time!

  4. anon Says:

    Oh that was a close one. It seems they’re targeting the history crowd now with a new journal. Do you mind that I put up the journal title and ISSN so that others can find their way to your story through a google search?

    The tried to get me hooked onto their journal titled “History Research”, ISSN 2159-550X. They had the nice tag line “from knowledge to wisdom.”

  5. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You are welcome to link my post as a matter of responsible journalism in the public interest.

  6. Robert Voss Says:

    Great post. I also am a historian who was targeted by the “History Research” journal, ISSN 2159-550X. Nice scheme. It would have pulled precious time away from my dissertation work.

  7. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks. I’m glad that it saved you from wasting time. Please feel free to forward the post to your colleagues.

  8. Clarinda Says:

    Thanks so much for this one. I did get an unsolicited email from a David Publishing Company journal called ‘From Knowledge to Wisdom’ just today. Though flattered by the prospect of having my article published in a international journal, I googled the journal and found your blog, and shall naturally refuse. Great and very useful post!

  9. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re very welcome. This blawg strives to make a modest contribution in the quest ‘From Knowledge to Wisdom’…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I am also grateful for your blog on David Publishing. I’m up for tenure soon and this type of solicitation for papers looks pretty inviting. Thank goodness I din’t waste my time, but instead decided to google DP with the words “scam” and “fraud”. Odd that there aren’t more blogs and/or fraud alerts about them. Thanks again….

  11. Anon Says:

    Another vote of thanks. I gave a paper at a conference just last weekend and already got their e-mail — these guys move fast! I’m passing the word on to both my panel mates and the organization that put on the conference, so a word to all who read this: Spread the Word!

  12. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Evangelizing the Gospel of Truth About David Publishing Company: The Bird is the Word.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Having so many confirmations helps to protect the innocent. I was flattered when asked to submit my paper. I did not present my paper at a conference this year because of personal challenges; however, my publication was still solicited by David Publishing. This would have been an unwise move.

  14. steve Says:

    Thanks for putting this up. They’ve changed their wording but not their methods; I received a request for my paper to be published in the Journal of Energy and Power Engineering.

  15. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Steve. I’m pleased that my post saved you both time and money. I note it has been reposted on Facebook and online academic bulletin boards, as well.

  16. shadle Says:

    I got the “History Research” email the other day inviting me to submit a paper, but it included this as well:

    “Currently, we are trying to invite some scholars who are willing to join our editorial board or be our reviewers. If you are interested in our journal, please send your CV to us. Hope to keep in touch via email and can publish some papers or books from you and your friends. As an American academic publishing group, we wish to become your friends if we may.”

    Perhaps I’d get to keep some of those hundreds of dollars per article if I’m an editor? Or perhaps I have to pay to be an editor?

    The last line is priceless. Sound just like the emails I get from lovely ladies in far-off lands who see my profile online, and want to “become my friend.”

  17. Anonymous Scholar Says:

    David’s Publishing Company is also using conference email lists to forward their scam. The Popular Culture Association’s National Conference program is being used to selectively solicit presenters. I was almost taken in by this scam. The email seemed genuine and referenced my abstract specifically (which I later learned had been published on the conference website).The journal was called The Journal of Literature and Arts Studies. Since I am a PhD student about to enter the job market, I take offers to publish my work seriously. The email made no mention of payment or suspicious publishing methods, but I had never heard of the journal or the publisher.

    I immediately started checking into the journal. I checked the MLA Bibliography of Periodicals database and found nothing; however, the journal editor claimed they were very new and specifically mentioned that publication did not cost a dime in their journal. I even found David’s Publishing listed under EBSCO and Ulrich Periodicals Directory. This nearly sold me on submitting my article; however, I decided to conduct a Google search before submitting and found this online article. It seems EBSCO and Ulrich Periodicals, which are legitimate scholarly databases, have shamelessly allowed this publisher to be listed in their system, probably because the scam does actually extend to the use of peer reviewers. Colleagues of mine from the conference were sent emails asking them to be peer reviewers for the journal.

    This shady publishing company is truly producing a topnotch scam. They solicit legitimate scholars for publication and the peer review process at the same time. I would have been completely fooled. I have no doubt the peer reviewer responding to my submission would have legitimate comments and would believe that they were working for a legitimate journal, probably even placing their work for the journal on their CVs. As a scholarly community, I think we should push for the Chronicle of Higher Education to produce a list of such publishers for new and old scholars. We should also encourage EBSCO and Ulrich Periodicals to take such publishers out of their databases.

  18. tenure track prof Says:

    Thanks for posting these experiences. I just got an email today, but was thrown off by the fact that there was no editor formally inviting me. As a former editorial coordinator of an academic journal, I urge everyone to be weary of appeals that are not sent from an individual affiliated with the journal.

    And, I agree that the Chronicle should report on these types of “phishing” emails. This is important for advanced grad students and tenure track faculty especially as we look for opportunities to publish in peer-reviewed journals.

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  20. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that my post has helped you and many of your academic colleagues avoid wasting time and expense.

  21. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome. Please feel free to forward this post to any of your peers and colleagues who are considering submitting their research for publication with David Publishing Company.

  22. Esker1970 Says:

    Hi Antonin,

    Thank you for your information. I experienced the same situation. They invited me to submit one of my papers on the “Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering”. What made me suspicious was the fact that their peer-reviewers didn’t make any comments or suggestions about my paper. I believe they don’t read the papers and just want your money.

  23. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Glad to help. Pay it forward to your colleagues.

  24. Karen Says:

    This has also moved into the discipline of philosophy with the purported new journal “Philosophy Study.” I have only gotten to Stage 2 in the submission process, but now know what to expect. The clue was receiving emails from colleagues that the journal had provided my email address to as a fellow invited writer. The colleagues asked if a fee for publication was a “usual process.” As you all know, reputable journals NEVER charge for publication.

  25. Anonymus Says:

    Thanks so much for this!! I also got the same message from Ree Rocgle, asking me for to submit a paper I presented at a Conference and to be publish at the History Research. They asked me to submit the manuscript to history_research@yahoo.com., and to join their editorial board. When I did submit the article then they asked for 360 dollars in order to published the article!!

    Here more info:
    History Research (ISSN 2159-550X)
    David Publishing Company
    Tel: 1-847-281-9826;Fax: 1-847-281-9855

  26. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome. I’m still amazed that David Publishing Company continues to solicit articles from academics, including invitations to join editorial boards, without disclosing the author publishing fee upfront. Aside from the ethical issues, this just makes no sense from a business standpoint whatsoever.

  27. Suraj Says:

    Thanks for your blog mate.. This saved me time and energy more than just money..

  28. Anon Says:

    Either David Publishing Company has switched names to avoid the notoriety, or an even less creative company stole their email format and scam. I just got an email today from the Academic Star Publishing Company. Same deal, same grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m not sure why they think that academics are a good population for a scam… professional scrutinizers seem like the last people you want looking at your poorly worded emails.

    Here’s their info:
    Journal of Modern Education Review
    Academic Star Publishing Company
    70 West 86th Street, #CN0267, New York, NY 10024, USA
    TEL: 347-230-6798 FAX: 347-426-1986

    I was tipped off by some strange formatting that I’d only seen during correspondence with Chinese conference coordinators. That seemed odd because the letter I received repeatedly stressed how American the company was; certainly, a case of the lady protesting too much.

  29. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Sounds like Academic Star Publishing Company, USA has tried this before.

  30. dohertpk Says:

    Thanks for the headsup. The first conference I ever attended, 4 months into my PhD and I nearly jumped at this. Brilliantly, they were soliciting for a paper I gave at a literature conference and their startling lack of command of the English language gave the game away. Bastards.

  31. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    “Noli arrogantium iniurias pati.

  32. fainiego Says:

    I’m from the Philippines and have presented a paper in an international conference. I also received an e-mail from this David Publishing Co. History Reserach Journal requesting for my article.

    Glad that I have search your blogsite for useful warning and information about this publisher.


  33. Joe Says:

    Saved me time too, Antonin! Thanks so much. I just hope that others find this post as well.


  34. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Joe. Help out your colleagues by emailing or re-posting a link to my post. Antonin

  35. Moses ben Maimon Says:

    They are phishing Jewish studies scholars, too. They are using the conference program of the Association for Jewish Studies.

  36. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Oy vey!

  37. SVIS Says:

    I just received an email by “niki” from David publishing asking me to publish an article I presented at an UK conference. What made me suspicious was that my article was on German domestic law, so no connection to US, China or international law. Also they asked for any unpublished papers I may have at hand.
    They claim to have the “US-China Law Review” listed in a number of databases:
    “US-China Law Review is collected and indexed by the Library of U.S Congress and also retrieved by some renowned databases:

    ★ Database of EBSCO, Massachusetts, USA

    ★ Hein Online Database, W.S.HEIN, USA

    ★ Chinese Database of CEPS, American Federal Computer Library center (OCLC), USA

    ★ Chinese Scientific Journals Database, VIP Corporation, Chongqing, P. R. China

    ★ Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

    ★ ProQuest/CSA Social Science Collection, Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS), USA

    David Publishing strives to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings and results. We admire your achievements, and we understand how important your research impact to other peers in the same interest field and other disciplines, and how delighted you would be when communicating with global professional peers. Your contribution to our journals would be very much welcome!
    Submitting of Manuscripts

    All manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication. Please visit our website at http://www.davidpublishing.com for our automatic paper submission systems or as an email attachment to: jurist@davidpublishing.com, lawyer1658@hotmail.com, law.review1658@yahoo.com.cn

  38. Peer Review is Peer Review « From the Hands of Quacks Says:

    […] lawyer and legal scholar, writes of his experiences with David Publishing, comparing it as a good “bait-and-switch:” we’ll publish your paper, it’s so great there’s no need for peer reviews…oh […]

  39. Beware Says:

    Hi All,

    I am a history doctoral candidate and they tracked me through a recent conference presentation… thank you for all of the warnings–I figured I would add one.


  40. pjotr Says:

    And now they are targeting the Computer Science crowd:
    “From Knowledge to Wisdom
    Computer Technology and Application
    International Standard Serial Numbers: ISSN 1934-7332”
    Now they are also recorded by the Library of Congress:

    The first thing that put me off was the fact that they require submissions in M$ Word (TeX is de-facto standard in Computer Science), after which a quick Google search has brought me to your post.

    Thanks a lot for illuminating their real nature!

  41. Ken Goto Says:

    I received an invitation in May 2011 from David Publishing Company to submit my paper, which I read at a conference 3 years ago, to its new humanities journal “Journal of Literature and Arts.” The letter was from its editor “Suky.” It had a strange attachment in Chinese at the bottom of the page for an American scholastic journal.

    发件人: ***
    发送时间: ***
    收件人: literature.art

    Nevertheless, I innocently took the invitation for submission at face value, reedited my manuscript, and sent it to David Publishing Company online. Soon I received its acceptance but was surprised to read I have to pay $50 a page for formatting and editing. The time one of the messages sent to me was odd: 2 am in Chicago? The company may not be located in Chicago. My suspicion grew stronger, and had web search to find this page. It appears this is a new publisher trying to fish those who want to have their articles published.

  42. SVIS Says:

    They seem to be working only outside office hours in Chicago…Surprisingly at the time the emails are sent it’s business hours in China…
    I received their email at 10 pm Chicago time

  43. dorina24ticu Says:


    I also received an email with the invitation of publishing an article. I thought that it was a spam and I didn’t take it seriously. I don’t know if the company is serious one, but I didn’t receive any other information since they sent to me that email.

    I don’t know what is happening but I’m a Ph.D. professor and I think that receiving such false… information may put some people on a false road.

    I had some expectations and they were false.

    [Comment moderated and edited to conform with blog comment policy]

  44. Richard Gunton Says:

    Just a comment, from someone who hasn’t had direct contact with this publishing company – though I have had solicitations from other journals and conferences, in China and elsewhere…

    Several people in this discussion have stated that reputable publishers never ask for charges. This is not true! In fact, many journals owned by charitable societies ask for page charges (e.g. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and American Naturalist), while start-up journals from profit-making publishers usually don’t. But journals have to make money somehow, and those that don’t charge authors sometimes charge exorbitant rates to readers – the scandal of subscription prices (see http://octavia.zoology.washington.edu/publishing/). This is bad for accessibility in the developing world, and the Open Access movement is seeking to reduce costs for everyone.

    Part of the problem is that authors and university libraries that actually subscribe don’t talk to each other enough. So incredibly bad-value journals can survive in the market alongside good-value ones. There’s an excellent database of journals across all disciplines at http://www.journalprices.com/.

  45. Sammie Says:

    I recently received the same unsolicited email from David Publishing, they asked to publish a paper I had presented in a conference in England. Since I had not polished it to submit it to another Journal, I send it to them. They replied me after two weeks that it has been peer reviewed and accepted for publishing. Shameless guys wanted me to pay 50 dollars per page for 20 pages. I wrote to them and told them, forget about stealling 1000 dollars from me. Go to Hell.

  46. Prabhakar Singh Says:

    Well, I will have to expound the obvious. I got one too; and then I found this blog. Did you guys consider the possibility of the publisher publishing your papers eventually without telling you? I got a sample of US-China Law Review which is blue booked with some poor chaps on the content list. Since I have published before, my temptation was lesser than usual. I got this mail twice in 1 year, they picked from my conference presentation in Beijing. Smart scam, I must say. I am going to send the link to Nikki 🙂 Thanks Antonin, Can someone tell me if New York law school is also a scam? Not the NYU Law school, US china law review has some prof. from there fooled by them, or may be its a very smart scam.


  47. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Prabhakar, thanks for your comment. I don’t know whether the New York law school you mention is also a scam, but you can easily check whether it is an ABA-accredited law school on the ABA Approved Law Schools website.

  48. Perc Says:

    I also received an email from this Øpublisher regarding the “Philosophy Study” journal (ISSN 2159-5313). Avoid, everybody!

  49. Mara Says:

    Dear friends,

    Thank you very much for all information. I also received an e-mail after the conference in Columbus. And more over I received the invitation to be a member of their team of editors and invited to send my CV. I am just wondering how they estimate the editor’s participation in their project if for one page we have to pay $50? And actually it is very interesting that email does not signed by the anybody from the editorial staff of the journal.

  50. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome. Please feel free to forward this post to your colleagues to spread the word. Regards, Antonin I. Pribetic

  51. David not Publishing Says:

    Just to let you know that they are getting more sophisticated. I have received a message from them today (the second within one year) and they have put a name at the end. It says:

    Best Regards,
    Editor Office

    Maybe they are aware of this blog:) Of course that it is still suspicious because in a message that looks formal only the name is appearing and not the surname.

    By the way, since this is a blawg, are their actions against the law? If so what can be done more?

    All the best!

  52. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks for your comment. While it appears that their server is located in China, since David Publishing states that their head office is in Chicago, Illinois, USA, then it is likely they are subject to American law. I am not licensed to practice in the United States, so all I can say is generally, any potential false advertising or marketing practices are subject to the Federal Trade Commission: See, http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml

  53. Justin Says:

    Well, they reeled me in, that is, until I was turned on to this blog. I received an unsolicited email with reference to an abstract from a conference I presented at last year.I received this email in late August and their editor had a first and last name “Karen Garcia”. The name of the “journal” was “Philosophy Study”. I ran it by my grad director and it seems shady–but legit. I sent my paper in and got a revise resubmit with EXCELLENT comments from a blind reviewer.–really good comments actually.

    I then received an email from “Karen” to be a blind reviewer for a paper outside of the listed interests on my CV (but related). The red flag came up. I never sent in my revise resubmit but wondered if I should have. I then told someone of my story and they turned me on to this blog–I feel MUCH BETTER about my decision.


  54. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re very welcome. I am pleased that you avoided this trap for the unwary. Please pay it forward to your colleagues.

  55. MARCO Says:

    Hi Antonin
    Sorry to repeat what many colleagues have already told you, but… Thanks for your post. This page seems to be so popular that it could be useful me to alert that this DP Company is trying to waste the time of sociological community too: I’ve just received a proposal to submit a paper to be published on the journal ‘From Knowledge to Wisdom
    Sociology Study’. Same contents and same style of the mail you mention.

  56. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks, Marco, for your comment averting to another David Publishing Company pubscam offer. Best, Antonin

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  58. Branislav Says:

    Now they seem to be phishing among communications scholars as I have received an email from their brand new journal Journalism and Mass Communication. I did not submit a paper, I got an invitation for their editorial board and serve as reviewer. First, I seemed to be flattered. I have checked their website – looked legit at first sight (not with thorough search though), some of their publications are listed within EBSCO and are in the Library of US Congress, the clip-art styled books of David Publishing are even sold via Amazon and Kindle service. I got an invitation and welcome letter frpm them, with letter-head and illinois corporate stamp. But the Chinese connections (maybe I should submit a paper on censorship on China) raised red flags, more research showed that they are not listed in most indexes they claim. I immediately asked to remove me and do not use my credentials in any form or venue, that I do not co-operate with them on anything. Hope they got the message. Some of their Boards include very decent scholars. They are victims as well. Antonin, thanks for this must-read blogpost.

  59. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Branislav. I’m glad you found this post helpful. Antonin

  60. David W. Rudge Says:

    Thanks for the post. FYI, they are now targeting science educators.

  61. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re very welcome. Please feel free to share with your academic colleagues.

  62. "blind refereed" Says:

    I got the invitation of “Journal of Literature and Art Studies” yesterday to publish my paper that was introduced in a conference two years ago. I had never seen such a magazine before, so I googled them and found their home page which was ok, but as the letter was signed by “Gloria” with no last name, I wanted to know about their background. There was nothing there under the link “About us”. The only link that worked was the link for submitting the magazine. Because I first wanted to see the magazine I contacted a librarian who had seen the warning. Many thanks!

    I also was invited to work for free as a reviewer:
    “Every year, editor(s)/reviewer(s) should review about 10-12 papers of the journal and fill out the reviewing form, and return the form to us in 1-2 weeks through email or fax. … Some authors or readers may contact the editor(s)/reviewer(s), then the editor(s)/reviewer(s) should answer their questions. … The editor(s)/reviewer(s) should help promote the journal at conferences and meetings that they attend… We cannot offer compensation or remuneration to the editor(s)/reviewer(s) for their work”.
    I was very suspicious because they do not even know me -are all the other reviewers as “respectable”?

  63. one more almost-victim Says:

    Right. Moving on to business. My colleague received an email from them to submit an article that we wrote together. I even checked EBSCO and some of the articles there and all seemed ok. But this journal didn’t appear in any journal ranking lists or anything, so became suspicious and further googling didn’t give any results so moved over to David Publishing and found this blog. Saved us a lot of time, since the plan was to revise the conference paper as soon as possible!

    The email started “This is China-USA Business Review (ISSN1537-1514, USA) and Chinese Business Review (ISSN1537-1506, USA). We are ‘glad to know you have submitted a paper named “xxx” in xxx conference, date, place. We are very interested in your research, if the paper mentioned has not been published in other journals or you have other unpublished papers in hand and have the idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please feel free to send electronic version to us.”

    Now this conference was in Denmark, we are from Finland and the topic has absolutely nothing to do with US-China relations, even though it is in the business field. So following others’ comments : thank you for this blog!

  64. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I’m glad you didn’t waste your time or money.

  65. If it sounds too good to be true… « fanthropology Says:

    […] If you receive any emails from Verlag De Muller (VDM) Publishing or any journals from David Publishing, don’t reply. VDM publishes absolutely everything they receive without fact-checking and doesn’t print any copies and charges a fortune to get any made up. (See this blog post for details.) David Publishing solicits on behalf several different journals (mine was “Journalism and Mass Communication”), and accepts everything without review before then asking you to pay $50 per page to have it printed. (Thanks to The Trial Warrior for this post.) […]

  66. Linda Ferguson Says:

    Thank you very much. They now seem to be targeting presenters at the recent annual meeting of College Music Society. I was suspicious, due to grammatical errors in the message but looked at their web site anyway. Then I Googled them and found your article. I am going to forward a link to your article to the staff of the Society in case they want to alert other presenters from the recent conference.

  67. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re very welcome. Thanks for forwarding the post to the College Music Society.

  68. Jenny Says:

    You article is very interesting, I see you are a great story teller.
    But just to be fair…
    First, you got “someone must not have read the paper after all” from they asking for your research field? Then how come they sent you the opinion of revisions if no one read your paper?
    Second, you think summarizing someone’s research field merely from the abstract and keywords of his one article is professional? Or asking the author himself?
    Third, a LOT of journals charge publication fees…

  69. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Oh dear, it appears you missed the point. Please read my post again.

  70. Sebastian Nestler Says:

    May I join the club? David Publishing are phishing in Austria now, too. Thank you very much for your blog post, it saved me lots of work! I took the liberty to link to your post on twitter in German language:


  71. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You are quite welcome to join the club, Sebastian. Thank you for the cross-post on Twitter and spreading the word to your Austrian and German colleagues. Regards, Antonin

  72. Elena Says:

    This is probably the speculation. I think the author wants to be famous.

  73. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Yes, of course. I wrote this post to garner internet fame.

    Here’s some further speculation; albeit more of an educated guess. Based upon your email address which you’ve used at least once before, you are from mainland China and likely work for David Publishing Company.

  74. Lizbeth H. Piel Says:

    My experience is the same as Linda Fergusun’s above, except that they were targeting the New England Historical Association. Good thing I googled first and found this site.

    Thank you Antonin for doing us all an invaluable service.

  75. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re quite welcome, Lisbeth. Feel free to nominate me for an honorary academic blogging award, if you feel so inclined, or at least a ClawBies 2011 award 😉

  76. Anna Says:

    Thank you very much, Antonin!
    I appreciate a lot your effort since it saved me both time and nerves. I wonder whether this shameless freeriding on our aspirations and desire to publish could be legally prosecuted.
    All the best,

  77. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re very welcome, Anna. I recommend you consult the Europa Commission- Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and related directives on Misleading and Comparative Advertising.

  78. Hamish Says:

    I also received an email from these guys and, had I not read this post, would’ve done the same thing.

    Thanks for pointing this out and saving a lot of people the time and effort.

  79. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Don’t thank me, Thank the awesome power of the internet.

  80. Gideon Says:

    Dear Antonin,

    I serve as the Chair of the Promotion Committee of my department and have recently reviewed the publication list of one of our faculty members. He got a promise from my predecessor that if he published one more paper in a respectable journal, he would be promoted. He is now claiming to have done so. The new paper’s reference is the Journal of Computer Technology and Application, published by David Publishing Company. The reference on his publication list specifies a volume number, page numbers and the year 2011. Apparently, the guy has paid the money. I wonder if you have any idea if this reference has any practical manifestation. In other words, does DP Company actually publish a journal as such, as well as all the other journals, or is it fictional? In the former case, is it published in hard copy or electronically, and how can others view it? In the latter case, does the author get a fictitious “reprint” of his paper or nothing at all?

    Many thanks,

  81. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Dear Gideon, if you Google the journal name: “Journal of Computer Technology and Application” and “David Publishing” you’ll find the following at the top page rank:


    http://shivksahu.webs.com/curriculumvitae.htm (listed as a reviewer).

    The website address: http://www.davidpublishing.com is generic and appears up for sale.

    I suggest you make your own further inquiries, including any of the academic online forums in your area of interest.



  82. Nan Galbraith Says:

    I’ve also been approached by them for the so-called Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering. This reminds me of some sketchy invitations to present at conferences that I’ve gotten over the years. Often when you google these publications and conferences, they come up looking reasonably good – they’re on people’s CVs at all sorts of institutions and universities.

    The real surprise is that there is no push back from the publicly funded research and educational institutions that pay these fees.

  83. aubreymcfato Says:

    And thank you again. I write this comment in the hope that Google will grace us with bringing up this post 🙂

  84. flisiak Says:

    Six months ago I attended an international conference in Poland and when I got their e-mail, I felt really flattered. But when I browsed their website, I found out that you cannot read anything about their terms and conditions and there is no information about reviewers. Thanks a lot for this blog! Now I know what to do.

  85. ismirajiani Says:

    Thanks a lot for this blog! Just receive the same invitation to publish to day on Journal of sociology, while my paper is purely marketing.

  86. Dr Lynn Brunet Says:

    Thanks for this valuable blog. I, too, was sent an invitation yesterday to publish in their Journal of Literature and Art Studies after presenting at a conference a few weeks ago. It looked good at first but the website did set me wondering. It had all the usual subheadings – About Us, Terms and Conditions, list of reviewers and editors, but when you opened them nothing was there. The grammar and spelling was also outrageous for such a journal. When you look at the list of journals with their covers there are some mismatches between the covers and their titles. A very sloppy website in all.

    There was a hint that the author was to pay for the service in one of the FAQ’s. It stated:

    “Nornally there is no discount for each paper. Only if your achievement too excellence, you could get some discount.”

    Apart from the ridiculous expression I wondered how they could determine excellence, if there was no indication of who the reviewers and editors were and also because the field is so broad – ‘art and literature’.
    My impulse is to reply to them citing this blog.

  87. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I now want to get the hackneyed phrase: “Only if your achievement too excellence, you could get some discount” imprinted on a t-shirt.

  88. Novos mercados, novos negócios… | Jornalismo e Comunicação Says:

    […] diversas críticas e relatos de más experiências com a revista ou com a editora (aqui, aqui ou aqui). Descobre-se, ainda, que há já quem discuta o assunto (nomeadamente aqui e aqui) e há […]

  89. Marcocci Says:

    Same for me, this morning. I found their strange email and at first i thought “cool, i am famous!”, then i checked the web and found your blog and many others. Thank you so much! I will forward to my colleagues their email and a link to this blog. Anyway their mail was quite well done, including the name of my paper sent for the convention in Kyoto and the name of the association that held it on Nov. I was only surprised about the “become friends” sentence, but i thought it was a way to show themselves nice.

  90. Mark S Says:

    Just got a solicitation today from “US-China Education Review” from David Publishing House. Immediately suspicious, I googled it up and found your blog (and others). Suspicions confirmed, Thank you for posting this.

  91. Rifqi Says:

    Dear Antonin,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I received mails from this fake publisher twice, once in 2010 and another just now. But then I came across googling and found your posting. This is a very useful link. I ask your permission to share this link.

  92. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Dear Rifqi,

    I’m glad you found the post useful and saved yourself both time and money. No permission required to share the link, but thanks for asking. Antonin

  93. D. N. Says:

    Some very prestigous journals require fees from submitters, in the range of 400-500 US$, so the mere fact that fees are charged does not make it a bait-and-switch journal. The rest of the story raises many red flags, however, and I am glad you did not fall for it.

  94. Sonja Says:

    Thanks for confirming what my gut told me was a scam (my over-inflated ego tried to differ, however). I was targeted twice, once with Sociology Study and the other with Psychology Research.

    My field is literature, but I could see probability in either case. Ultimately, warning bells went off in a few areas: (A) grammatical and spelling errors in the ‘solicitation’ body, (B) no peer-reviewed journal in their right mind would solicit academics; we’re falling all over ourselves to get published so a reputable company can afford to be choosy, and (C) they publish monthly. Even the best academic journals can’t afford monthly publication.

  95. Prof. Sylvia Kierkegaard Says:

    This journal has been soliciting papers which have already been published in journals and books.They monitor conferences and contact the authors giving the impression that they are affiliated to the conferences . I and the Publication Director of Elsevier sent them a warning of possible copyright violation. It turned out that this is a journal which is actually based in China .
    We have put the warning about this journal in all our conference websites.

  96. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks for bringing this to your readers’ attention.

  97. Bart Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! As many of the other posters on here, I too was contacted by them after giving a paper presentation on a conference. Since I was short on time to polish my paper up anyway, I didn’t immediately jump to the opportunity. Luckily thanks to the warning bells, I didn’t waste my time on it. The funny thing is that I asked one of my professors whether he had heard of the journal (i.e. Sociology Study) to see whether it was reputable and he said that it was a well-known journal in the field of sociology. I guess he meant to say ‘infamous’ instead of ‘famous’. 🙂

  98. llama Says:

    Glad to come across this this morning. I had had several email communications regarding publishing a paper. The one I received this morning said “Glad to tell you that your paper has been accepted by our journal and will be published this month….Accoring to the policy of our journal, all the accepted papers should pay some submission fee to us. So you should pay US$330 (including $30 for postage) to us. ” After reading this I promptly responded that there had been no discussion of any kinds of payments and I would not be paying anything. Going back through our correspondences, all of hers appeared to be canned. Didn’t recognize them at the time. Again, Thank you!!

  99. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re quite welcome. Please feel free to forward a copy of my post to your colleagues.

  100. doweni Says:

    Thanks guys for all this warning. Unfortunately it has been too late in my case. I got thesame email after a conference and since i did not have any publications, i made some search about them and it looked authentic so i proceeded. Submitted a paper and got the review comments back then i signed the copyright agreement and sent back and was told it has been accepted to be published. Only at this point they now mentioned that I have to pay a service fee of $1090 so that it be published. What do you advise? can i resubmit my paper elsewhere? considering that i already signed the copyright agreement form and sent to them? thanks all

  101. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Did the copyright agreement indicate the pay-to-play service fee of $1090? If not, then it appears there was no consensus ad idem on a fundamental term of the contract. I recommend you consult with a qualified lawyer in your jurisdiction to determine your legal options.

  102. doweni Says:

    No the copyright form did not mention anything whatsoever about payment of service fees. it only talked about transfer of copyright to the journal to enable them publish the paper. It was stated on the agreement form that it must be signed before a paper is accepted for publishing. The fees was later mentioned three weeks after in an email letter notifying me that they have accepted my paper. thanks

  103. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    No legitimate publishing company requires an author to sign a copyright agreement before the paper is accepted for publication.

  104. doweni Says:

    Alright, i did not know that. i I feel that since it was not indicated in the form, then I have a basis to refuse it. I signed to transfer copyright based on what was on the form given to me. So the issue of payment which came later was not part of that agreement and should not be binding i guess.

  105. floreign Says:

    Got my e-mail skimmed off of a recent conference program. I was invited to submit for US-China Education Review A & US-China Education Review B.The mere fact that they indicated no affiliation with any scientific or research association was a red flag for me.

    Thanks for watching in the rye.

  106. Bonnichsen Says:

    Today I recived a version of this email.

    Just goes to show that they are still at it.

    **Dear Dr. **** **********,
    This is Journal of Physical Science and Application (ISSN 2159-5348). We have learned your paper entitled “********* **********” from SIDeR’12.
    We are very interested in your research, if the paper mentioned has not been published in other journals or you have other unpublished papers or books in hand and have the idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please feel free to send the electronic version to us. **

  107. Amir Says:

    I got the same e-mail today. Will try to raise awareness among colleagues. Thank you Antonin I. Pribetic.

  108. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Amir.

  109. Christine Harper Says:

    I also received an e-mail from this crew today inviting me to publish my recent conference paper in their journal _History Research_. My suspicions were immediately aroused by the incorrect use of the English articles: “please send [the or an] electronic version of your papers or the [omit] manuscripts of books to us as [an] email attachment. . .” (additions in brackets supplied by _moi_). Foreigners, obviously, thought I, although that isn’t an instant red flag. But why, if this company is based in the US, has it no native English speaker as copy editor/proofreader? Then I find all of about 65 journals (!) listed on their website along with the China connection. My first idea was that this is some propaganda arm of the deep-pockets Chinese government–the last thing I think any of us want to get involved with! I’m still not sure that isn’t the case. . . Anyway, ’nuff said! Kudos to you, Warrior, for unmasking these miscreants.

  110. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I like your Chinese propaganda angle. 😉

  111. Brendan Howe Says:

    I also received an invitation to publish a paper I presented with their “Journal of Sociological Studies” – sadly I was happy to hear about their interest for a fairly minor paper I was not planning on publishing and so actually started making extensive revisions before I came across this thread while searching for guidelines for authors. ISA also has a warning out about them. Some of my research students have also received invitations to publish in journals which then ask to be paid – we must try to stamp this out. I for one will never hand over money for a publication, and have advised my students that I will not be supporting any publications for which they have had to pay.

  112. Shifra Armon Says:

    The purported “History Research” Journal is now targeting Renaissance Society of America conference participants. I received their solicitation and was surprised by its shoddiness. Your blog helped confirm my suspicions. Many thanks.

  113. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks Brendan. Open access and academic freedom should not come with a price tag. Antonin

  114. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re quite welcome, Shifra. Feel free to repost or send a link to your colleagues. Antonin

  115. Sol Wave Says:

    I received a similar version of your email, except David Publishing misidentified me as the author of a paper which I did not write. I looked on-line, and sure enough, there is another person of that name who did write it. Thank you for confirming my suspicions about the originator of the spam, davidpublishing.com

  116. Nick Says:

    Thanks for post. You just saved me about a $1000. This makes me wish I had not just bought a book by someone on Philosophy Study’s editorial board. More money in his pocket.

  117. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    This, by a huge margin, is the most read and commented upon post on my blog. I’m gratified that it has helped save some people, both time and money.

  118. David Shaw Says:

    “Even the best academic journals can’t afford monthly publication.”
    This is completely incorrect. Most of the best bioethics and medical law journals publish monthly, and clinical journals like the British Medical Journal publish weekly.

  119. jan Says:

    Another SPAM/scam for “Journal of Physical Science and Application (ISSN 2159-5348)” from CHEP 2012 — Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics 2012.

    Thanks for the warning..

  120. Karen Says:

    I was approached by the “history” journal – it sounded quite legit…although after getting a draft from me, and responding with a thank you, they disappeared. Glad to finally read this information. Thank you for sharing

  121. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome.

  122. Wan Syakira Tsukushi Says:

    Oh my god! your story saved me! I was torn apart whether to proceed the journal publication or not since i had a bad feeling it is scam though the website looks reliable. I was also invited to be one of the reviewers for the journal, well, I am a nobody – (not even obtaining my phd yet) – and guess they rope in those who response to their email 2b the chief editor.

    glad i read ur blog!! Thanks a million!

  123. Kyle Johnson Says:

    Same experience with “philosophy study”–they suckered me in then I realized they were going to charge me. When I refused, they even offered to do it for free…but “no thanks” was my response. Ironically, I just got another email from “Karen Garcia” saying “Did you get my email? I’m still in Spain and I can’t access a phone at the moment! Please let me know if you can be of any help. I’ll be waiting for your reply.” Of course, she didn’t send me any previous email, but by leaving the nature of her concern ambiguous she is just fishing for a reply. Beware!

  124. Dominika Robson Says:

    Same for me. I also received an e-mail from Karen Garcia about their new journal, and just yesterday I got her e-mail from Spain. However, I responded thinking I might have missed a previous message from her. And guess what?! She claims her wallet was stolen, which makes her ask me for 1500 euros to cover her expenses. Who the hell are these people?

  125. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Maybe the peer-reviewers are experts in international pickpocketing ring research.

  126. Kris Says:

    They also have a “Journal of shipping and ocean engineering” ISSN 2159-5879. Just to let you know…

  127. Bennyé D. Austring Says:

    Another warning. Same old story, now experienced from a Danish angle: I recieved this after participating in a conference in Italy:

    Dear Bennyé D. Austring,
    This is Modern Education Review (ISSN 2155-7993), a professional journal published worldwide by Academic Star Publishing Company, New York , NY, USA. We have learned your paper ”
    Aesthetics and learning .” at the International Conference The Future of Education (…)
    Journal of Modern Education Review
    Academic Star Publishing Company
    70 West 86th Street, #CN0267, New York, NY 10024, USA
    TEL:347-230-6798 Fax:347-426-1986

    I do not know, if this journal is part of a Chinese fraud company, but now I do know that ‘Betty’ wants money and that the peer review is fast and too uncomplicated.
    I didn’t pay, but unfortunately I wasted a lot of time.

  128. Lab Rockstar Says:

    I just got an e-mail from these douchebags, and your blog was the only warning that came up in a Google search of the publisher. Thanks for posting this.

  129. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome. Happy to have saved you the aggravation.

  130. Steven Trinkaus Says:

    I also received this invite to publish a paper recently presented in Italy. After checking out the website, which initially looked OK, there were unanswered questions, such as fees, did you have to join to have a paper published to name a few. I googled them and came to your blog which fully confirmed my concerns about this group, so thanks for saving me a lot of time and expense.

  131. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Steve. Please pay it forward and send a link of this post to your colleagues and help them save both time and money. Regards, Antonin

  132. Adam Says:

    Thanks for the post. My philosophy paper was solicited today, and you helped to confirm my suspicion.

  133. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I’m not surprised, but I am gratified that you saw my post and saved yourself some time and money.

  134. broadyesl Says:

    I was also solicited and had a question about the fine print #8. I also decided on a quick research and am glad I found your page. THANK YOU!!!!

    Here are our exchanges:

    Dear Dr.,

    Nice to reply you!
    You know, as an international academic journal, we must afford reviewing fee, editing fee and printing fee. We also should post journal to you, ERIC and EBSCO, all of these need certain amount of money. At the same time, we haven’t advertisement system and no endowment either, so the author has to afford part of the expenditure. And the author pay fee to publish his academic work lest it has been or will be published elsewhere. That’s the reason why we ask for some service fee.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
    Best Regards,

    Sincerely yours,
    Lily, R.
    David Publishing Company
    The earlier Journal of US-China Education Review, ISSN1548-6613, USA
    Journal of US-China Education Review A, ISSN2161-623X, USA
    Journal of US-China Education Review B, ISSN2161-6248, USA
    Email: teacher@davidpublishing.org; teacher@davidpublishing.com; education1548@hotmail.com or edu1658@yahoo.com
    Tel: 1-323-9847526; Fax: 1-323-9847374 (USA)

    发送时间: 2012-07-02 06:47
    收件人: teacher@davidpublishing.com
    主题: question: Reply from US-China Education Review
    Hi, I have been working on an article to publish with you. I have just one question. In the instructions to authors, # 8 talks about a publication fee. Would you please tell me what exactly this means?


    And here is the second one:

    Dear Dr.,

    Nice to get your letter!
    According to the policy of the journal, if you agree to publish your paper, you will be charged a service fee include reviewing, editing and printing. The flat price is$60 USD per page. The total number of pages of your paper is (according to the typing-setting of our publishing center), and total service fee of your paper is $ USD (including the post fee$30 USD).
    If you have any other papers or books, you can submit them to us, too. Thank you very much.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
    Best Regards,

    Sincerely yours,
    Lily, R.
    David Publishing Company
    The earlier Journal of US-China Education Review, ISSN1548-6613, USA
    Journal of US-China Education Review A, ISSN2161-623X, USA
    Journal of US-China Education Review B, ISSN2161-6248, USA
    Email: teacher@davidpublishing.org; teacher@davidpublishing.com; education1548@hotmail.com; edu1658@yahoo.com
    Tel: 1-323-9847526; Fax: 1-323-9847374 (USA)

    发送时间: 2012-07-02 09:43
    收件人: teacher
    主题: RE: Reply from US-China Education Review
    Thanks, how much is the fee, please?

  135. broadyesl Says:

    Just found this:

    Us-China Education Review
    Be the first to review this item | Like (0)
    Price: $1,080.00 ($270.00/issue) & shipping is always free. Details
    Issues: 4 issues / 12 months

    The first print issue should arrive in 12-16 weeks. For current subscribers, subscriptions will be extended by 4 issues. Details
    Manage your subscriptions: Renew, cancel or change your address anytime with Amazon’s Magazine Subscription Manager.
    Giving a gift? Learn more about ordering magazines as a gift, or print a gift notification card.
    50% Off Sale
    50% Off Sale
    Select magazine subscriptions are 50% off their regular Amazon prices through July 31, including Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Elle, Country Living, and more. See all
    Publishers: Add a cover image and description to your magazine or periodical.
    Found a lower price? Let us know.
    Ordering a subscription for a school, library, corporation, or other institution? Please read this important message before placing your order.
    Important Information

  136. slipk2not Says:

    Blimey! Has anyone actually gone ahead and submitted their article and paid the fees?
    In fact – is there any journal(s) at all – hence it’s just an expensive rip-off for genuine publication – OR is the whole journal fictitious and they will take your cash and do nothing with the paper??

  137. Umberto Tand Says:


    Actually there are many scientific journals, which have page charge. Everything is now measured by money. There are two systems to get your paper published. One is that A pay B:s (“friend’s”) paper, and B pay A:s paper. Most academic post are also friend-based, althought reviewed,The second way is that A pays A:s paper and B pays B’s paper. Now the real question should consider the scientific value of those papers; i.e. whether A:s paper is high standard, but paid by B, and B’s paper is shit, but paid by A; or A’s paper is high standard, and paid by A, and B’s paper is shit, and paid by B?

    Has anyone compared the scientific values of those papers published by page charged journals and no-page charges journals?

    Very soon, if no one want to pay their own or their “friends” paper, no one is publising either.

    By the way, lawers usually do not like to pay anything, but want to charge irresponsible from their customers instead, so it is no wonder that this discussion started by a lawyer. Actually, law is not a real science at all.

    So, there are any little-Jesus here.

  138. Richard McClelland Says:

    I presented a paper at a joint meeting (in Stirling, Scotland) of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind ASsociation, on Sunday, July 8. The following day, I got an email from these people soliciting publication of my paper in “Philosophy Study.” They gave as their rationale their access to the abstracts of the conference papers. I temporized because the paper is not ready for publication. And then I got curious about this journal and was especially surprised that it is published monthly, which, as others have noted in this discussion, is not common (except in the sciences). Your blog has saved me considerable trouble, as it has others. And I intend to write to the organizers of the conference and warn them about this scam.

    Richard McClelland,
    Professor of Philosophy,
    Gonzaga University.

  139. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Professor McClelland,

    Thanks for sharing this post with your colleagues.



  140. Sam Says:

    Obviously, that ID was hacked, many people had the similar experience. they provided a kind offer, you are too pedantic.

  141. Sam Says:

    The ID must be hacked, as I said above. It is so ironic that someone believed such scam was sent by the real Karen Garcia. David publishing house would not destroy their own reputation in such a stupid way!

  142. Dzidzo Ruzivo Says:

    It appears this journal is already harvesting emails from the conference website of the IAMCR communication conference recently held in Durban (July 19-23 2012), South Africa. I received the following email:

    Dear Dr. —– , This is Journalism and Mass Communication (ISSN 2160-6579), an academic journal published across the United States by David Publishing Company, 9460 Telstar Ave Suite 5, EL Monte, CA91731, USA. We have learned your paper “ —– ” in International Association of Media and Communication Research Conference 2012 South Africa , and are very interested in your paper. If you have the idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please feel free to send electronic version (MS Word Format and APA Style) of your manuscripts to us via email. All your original and unpublished papers are welcome.
    Currently, we are trying to invite some scholars who are willing to join our editorial board or be our reviewers. If you are interested in our journal, please send your CV (highlight your research areas) to us. Hope to keep in touch via email and can publish some papers or books for you and your friends. As an American academic publishing group, we wish to become your friends if we may.Best RegardsEmmaEditor OfficeJournalism and Mass Communication, ISSN 2160-6579David Publishing Company9460 Telstar Ave Suite 5, EL Monte, CA91731,E-mail:journalism@davidpublishing.com;journalism123@hotmail.com;Fax: 1-323-9847374

    My suspicion was raised by the grammatical errors (e.g. ‘We have learned your paper’), the unusual fact that the journal is published 12 times a year, checking the journal name against IBSS and ISI listings (etc), noting the uncommon use of baiting terms such as ‘friend’, and by Googling the website, which brought up your blog. Looks like this is a nice phishing scam.

    All those who were at IAMCR 2012 in South Africa, beware!

  143. Trace Says:

    I recently presented at ISES in Scotland, and have just been targeted by the same “publishing company” David Publishing – for the Journal of Life Sciences, USA. Many thanks for your blog on this, I googled David Publishing and scam and it came up as one of the first links.

    I have alerted the conference organisers, and hopefully they will forward a warning around the other presenters / authors.

    Thanks again!

  144. Jilana Ordman Says:

    I just got the “History Research” email today :(. Glad I searched for the journal before getting my hopes TOO up.

  145. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re very welcome. I continue to be amazed at David Publishing’s obstinacy. All they have to do is change their pricing model and tell prospective authors the up front publication fee. Instead, they keep pulling the same bait and switch routine.

  146. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I’m sure you will get legitimate publishing opportunities in the near future.

  147. jadu Says:

    i recently got a mail for publishing my work in journal of chemistry and chemical engineering which I have presented. I was surprised how one could get information about title of my paper and then I searched for the publishing house, at first look it is found to be fake blog……thank you for this post….keep commenting so that this issue will stay alive

    thank you

  148. Eva Lai Says:

    學術界騙案, 大家小心d

  149. PBK Says:

    I guess I’ll be the only dissenter here. I don’t see a bait-and-switch. That involves telling you there’s a sale on toasters and when you show up at the store, substituting a sandwich-maker for a higher price.

    In this case, the publisher:

    — did not disclose the fee up front because you are paying to publish, not paying to qualify to publish. They reviewed the article first. You may not agree with that practice, but there are reasonable and ethical arguments in its favor.

    — doesn’t know your field because the actual publication side of the enterprise is firewalled from the editorial side. They’re not supposed to know what the editors are doing. They just transacting the journal’s fiscal business.

    — subventions for publication are widespread in academia (esp in the hard sciences, but elsewhere). That’s how the journal and university publishers spread the cost of publishing material with small audiences.

    Now, you may not *like* this,and believe that if you provide research that your university paid you to do and that will help you earn promotion, you shouldn’t have to pay to publish it, but that’s not a matter of legality or even of the journal’s ethics.

    The only issue is the quality of the journal itself: is its peering process fair, transparent, expert, and free of conflict of interest? does the journal reach the audience you want to reach?

  150. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    The “bait and switch” is obvious. It’s similar to an invitation to a 3 hour cruise or ski outing, and then being held hostage for a hard sell routine to buy a time-share condo. All David Publishing had to do was to disclose the publishing fee up front. They did not. This is unethical. That is all.

  151. PBK Says:

    You haven’t answered most of my objections, and the example you’re using isn’t analogous. What’s being held hostage here? Nothing. You’re not a captive audience in this situation the way someone would be in the case you’re using. Subventions like this are common in many disciplines — the fact that you’re not accustomed to it doesn’t change that fact. The publisher might not disclose the fee before you submit so as to avoid the appearance of selling a favorable review — the fee comes after the paper is accepted and is there to pay for the cost of publication, not for the cost of peering the paper, and it pays for immediate publication online, much faster than print publications do. But it also did not accept your paper, publish it, and *then* send you a bill. It dunned you after the peering was done and the paper accepted for publication, but before publication itself. Apparently the journal does not take advertising. I don’t blame you for being unwilling to pay to publish, but I don’t see this as an ethics issue, either.

  152. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    As I wrote in my post, I did not submit my paper for peer review. My paper was solicited by David Publishing. If you believe that there is nothing unethical about inducing someone with the prospect of publication without disclosing a fee upfront, then you will not appreciate the distinction between an act of commission and an act of omission. In legal terms, a misrepresentation can be innocent, negligent or fraudulent. A material omission that induces someone to enter into a contract is known as detrimental reliance. As so many post commenters have noted, the issue is not about fee-based publishing; rather it is lack of transparency and shoddy business practices.

    I do not begrudge your choice to publish your work with academic journals such as David Publishing. I certainly never will and it appears that you remain in the minority.

  153. Big A Says:

    It may not be Tier 1 or 2 but it is a journal. I have a copy of Computer Technology and Application, have looked throug it and ithe articles are legit.

    Face it folks, publishng is changing.


  154. Nancy Bevre Says:

    PBK and Big A may be interested to know that I was trying to submit a paper which is the reason why I ended up on this blog. The website does not have any guidelines for submission (the field is blank) and when I tried to submit my article the page just froze (although it had alerted me to an omitted cell phone address). This very big red flag led me to search for other people’s reviews on this journal. Yes the publisher exists but as a genuine academic I would not trust it.

  155. SM Says:

    I got an email from Academic Star publishing to publish a paper or a book with them. They found my paper being accepted for a conference taking place on 16th of September- so they contacted me before my paper presentation. They are really fast. This fact caused my concern so I googled the journal title and found out your blog. Thank you very much for sharing all this information with other scholars. SM, Department of Special Education, University of Thessaly, Greece.

  156. smavrop Says:

    I was contacted by Academic Star Publishing to publish my Conference presentation, before even presenting it to the Conference on 16th of Sept. These people are really fast. Aftr googling the name of the publisher, I found this blog and read the information carefully. Thank you for sharing all this information with other scholars. SM, Department of Special Education, University of Thessaly, Greece.

  157. Sahin Says:

    Thanks a lot. I was preparing my conference paper today for History Research!. I was honored when i take an e-mail:) as a young historian. But I am curious about the EBSCO indexing of this journal.

  158. Nathan Says:

    Yesterday I also received an email from David Publishing with a most kind request to submit a paper to “Philosophy Studies”. As the refered to a paper I presented in Seattle last year, it appears that they are now recruiting those that were at annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. Beware!

  159. lou Says:

    Antonin, I just want to thank you for the letter you posted, it was my brother (in the Geology) who received a letter from David Publishing, it sounded fishy to me. After I read your blog a the response of the other people, I asked my brother not to bother with David’s letter ..
    this David publishing is also targetting very intellectual people from all over the world, it’s unfortunate that he’s trying to get advantage of them . it’s very sad that now days people will do or use anything to make money.

  160. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome!

  161. Salim Rashid Says:

    Philosophy Study just accepted a paper after three revisions, solicited by a referee whose English was questionable, but whose comments were knowledgable. After initially liking the paper, the referee disliked the revision so much, he/she wanted to reject. Some further correspondence with the editor and the referee led to a third version which was found acceptable.
    What was unusual about this process for me:
    1 Being asked to submit a paper on the basis of a conference presentation—flattering but unusual for me
    2 Being informed about the page charge after the paper was accepted—this is usually stated directly on page 1. Page charges are now common with many journals and I personally prefer to have to pay after acceptance, rather than for the privilege of being rejected by some obnoxious referee
    3 I was sent a pdf of one issue with the initial invitation, as though to affirm its legitimacy—have others seen the journal, Philosophy Study, in print form anywhere?
    4 Are issues of the journal being indexed as claimed? some people know how to check such queries in a flash. Not me.
    5 editors can ‘lean to reject’ or ‘lean to accept’; the editor, Karen Garcia—is she known to anyone on this blog?—did the latter.
    Is there the possibility that the journal— the Publisher may be another story—started out one way and is now functioning in another way?
    Thanks in advance for any response.

  162. Virginia Luzón Says:

    Thanks, It’s been so helpful, scams are growing also in the academic world!!!!

  163. Bob Says:

    Another voice in the chorus of “Thank you!” My almost-flattering phishing was for Philosophy Today–curious, I googled and got to your account. Pax.

  164. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Bob. Please feel free to forward a link to this post to notify your colleagues. Regards, Antonin

  165. Karen Garcia Says:

    It is me (Karen Garcia) who can give you the definite answer:

    1. It’s not unusual for a new journal to solicit papers in this way.

    2. If I recall correctly, your paper was reviewed by two referees, one suggested refusing it because his focus is on its logical part, another referee’s comments covers the whole paper, but he thought it needs some revisions before being accepted. When sending you the comments, there is exact info on the publication fee indicating that if your revised paper is accepted, you will be charged such fees, but doesn’t mean you will be charged at the revising stage. Just as you said, after the third revision, it is publishable and it is at this stage that you need to make the payment.

    3. Since last June, 12 issues have already been published, all authors have received the hard copies, and all published articles are available for free at our website, you can contact them to confirm this issue. Actually, it is published both in print and online.

    4. My answer is yes. Anyone who questions this can check it themselves.

    5. I think editorial members, reviewers, and authors (including those who withdrew their paper) of Philosophy Study is familiar with my name.

  166. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I have a few questions in reply to your comment above, if you don’t mind:

    1. If you are really the “Karen Garcia” purportedly associated or affiliated with David Publishing, then why did you not use a company email address to leave your comment, rather than a generic gmail address?

    2. Contrary to your reply comment, in my case, at no time did anyone from David Publishing identify themselves during the article submission process. Notably, you, in particular, were never were involved or sent me any emails. By referring to “you”, I neither concede the authenticity of your identity or the veracity of your responses:

    1) There is no way to independently verify, by reference to David Publishing’s website, that “Karen Garcia” exists, and is not simply some alias or ‘false flag’ used by David Publishing; and

    2) There are no means to independently verify that “Karen Garcia” is employed as an editor or representative of David Publishing.

    If you have some links to other sources to verify your identity, I’m sure my readers would be interested to know..

    3. Contrary to your reply comment, at no time was the publishing fee disclosed during the solicitation and peer review process. As the title of my post implies, the solicitation, the purported “peer review” and acceptance (the “bait”) was followed by the publishing fee request (the “switch”). So, why then is David Publishing unwilling to post the publication fee on its website or state it upfront when soliciting papers for publication?

    I look forward to your forthright and fulsome reply.

  167. Karen Garcia Says:

    Antonin, glad to answer your questions (but only to those questioning the real Karen Garcia and Philosophy Study):

    1. That I dare to add my gmail address here demonstrates I’m the real Karen Garcia. Easy to understand: The reason why I copied part of my email responded to Prof. Salim Rashid’s queries is that I don’t want anybody else to misunderstand the journal. I won’t do anything to cause any further confusion. You can contact Salim as well to see if I’m telling the truth. It’s my own choice to add a gmail address here.


    1) All staff’s info isn’t available at our website now.

    2) Yes, you’re right. But as I’ve said above, the editorial members, reviewers, and authors of Philosophy Study know who I am.

    I think there is a way to verify my identity: as I said, up to now, 12 issues of Philosophy Study have been published, one can find the authors’ info at our website, then can contact them to check this issue.

    3. With regard to Philosophy Study, Guidelines for Authors also available at our website includes a statement that authors will be charged publication fee if their paper is accepted for publication after blind review, and we remind the potential authors of going over the Guidelines before submitting their article. Here I want to emphasize that all papers submitted to Philosophy Study will be subject to blind review first and all authors will receive our comments. So I can say the journal is indeed peer-reviewed. See what Prof. Salim Rashid said above.

  168. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I’m afraid that you haven’t answered my questions, Karen. You refer only to Philosophy Study in your responses, but there are a variety of publications under the David Publishing banner.

    1. Where are these “Guidelines for Authors” on the website? Do these guidelines explicitly explain how the author will be charged a publication fee?

    2. Why are you not referenced anywhere on the David Publishing website, including contact info and bio?

    3. Why doesn’t David Publishing notify authors upfront they will be charged a publication fee when soliciting papers for publication from them?


    Antonin I. Pribetic

  169. johnny Says:

    1. Contrary to what Karen Garcia said, the articles in Philosophy Study don’t appear to be free. Only the abstract is. I see that even the online subscription is $320 (US). Perhaps if you log in as a member, then the articles are free? If someone who is a member can verify that? Do you then have to pay to be a member? If the articles are not free, then why are they charging authors to publish?

    2. At least some members of the editorial board and/or referee pool should be listed with brief credentials and contact info. It is simply not sufficient for prospective authors or readers to verify the legitimacy of a journal by contacting the authors of previously published articles.

    3. Where is the editorial/publication office located? There is a street address in El Monte listed. If someone walks in there, can they expect to find the editorial/publication staff? (Is there a poster who lives near there that can check this out?) Or do they work from home? Even if the office is overseas, it should be listed.

    I’m not making any accusations here. Only saying that as it stands, I would not submit articles to this journal (or publisher). If Karen or someone else can answer these (and the above posters’) questions, it would help to clarify things.

  170. Karen Garcia Says:

    Antonin, see the answers to your further questions below:

    1. One can find the Guidelines by googling the journal.

    2. Will take this suggestion into account. Thanks.

    3. Some papers have been or will be published for free, so not notify all authors up front.

  171. Karen Garcia Says:

    1. Yes, the articles are available for free when you log in as a member. No need to pay to be a member.

    2. Please visite our website, you can find the info you need there.

    3. Please see answer 2 above.

    Thanks for your questions.

  172. Karen Garcia Says:

    1. Yes, the articles are available for free if you log in as a member. And no need to pay to be a member.

    2. Please visit our website, you can find the info you need there.

    3. See answer 2 above.

    Thanks for your questions.

  173. Catherine Says:

    I just discovered David Publishing this morning, followed by this blog and the fascinating recent comments by “Karen Garcia.” I’d like to join everyone in thanking you for this exposé.
    There’s only one thing that worries me: if these guys selectively target academics based on conference programs, does that mean that they saw my conference paper title and thought, “…..now THAT looks like a gullible person” ? I hope not.

  174. Jean Says:

    Many thanks for your helpful post indeed!

  175. Anil Bhattarai Says:

    Thank you for the post. I thought I was the only lucky one. Turns out no. This DP seems to be out on the prowl all over.

  176. Henri Says:

    I’m from France and have presented a paper in an international conference. I also received an e-mail from this David Publishing Co. Philosophy Studies requesting for my article. This business practice of phishing is disappointing.

    Glad that I have search your blogsite for information about this publisher ! Many thanks Antonin and thank you all !

  177. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Henri, it looks as though David Publishing Co. has not changed its modus operandi and continues to troll for conference papers. Antonin

  178. hooshangi Says:

    I presented my paper in International Conference at Iran. the language of my paper is Persian so I was surprised when I received the E-mail of David Publishing Co. about publishing my paper.

    Please accept my thanks for your post

  179. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re quite welcome.

  180. Ayza Vardar Says:

    Hello everybody,
    This is a very useful blog, thank you very much Mr. Pribetic. I am from Turkey and two years ago, I received my first e-mail from David Publishing, asking to publish the paper I presented at the Fourth Chinese Translation Traditions Conference, Hong Kong. I asked them about their publishing rules and they said they may charge the writer for editing but if I wanted to work for them as an editor, I may not have been charged. I did not feel ready to become editor for such an important job. Thus, I became suspicious but could not reach enough information on the web. Just to gain some time, I said I was busy writing my thesis. This summer I submitted my thesis and now I am dealing to make a Post-Doc in translation studies. I was about to restart contacting to David Publishing, so I am very happy to have found this blog!

  181. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I’m glad to hear you found your way to this post and that you will submit your research to worthy academic publishers.

  182. Natalia Says:

    Thanks for the post!
    I received a David Publishing mail after a poster presentation at an international conference (INTECOL Wetlands 2012). It seemed surprising to me that in David Publishing webpage all the “author guidelines” sections are empty… Also, is strange that is a Chinese journal with address in the USA.

    I wish to copy here the ISSN and Journal name so peers may arrive to your post:
    “Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A and Journal of Environmental Science and Technology B are collected and indexed by the Library of U.S Congress, on whose official website (http://catalog.loc.gov) an on-line inquiry can be triggered with its publication number ISSN 2162-5298 and 2162-5263″

    Even more surprinsing, when searching the ISSN Journal at the Library of the US Congress… no results are found!!
    What I don’t understand is how they got so many scientists for their editorial board, some of them from well recognized institutions… Do you have any answer to this?


  183. Natalia Says:

    A detail: it IS true that membership is free, and that you can download full articles as member! “Karen Garcia” was not lying about that.
    If in their first contact e-mail, there were the fees, may be it wouldn’t be so annoying…

  184. Natalia Says:

    Last: this is surprising too. they are just TOO quick in the peer-reviewing process:

    “Received: August 8, 2012 / Accepted: August 13, 2012 / Published: August 20, 2012.”

    (from a downloaded paper). take into account that August 11 and August 12 were Saturday and Sunday, that leaves a maximum of 3 working-days to accept the paper.

    thanks again for your post!

  185. Ming Says:

    Another big thank-you from someone was also narrowly tricked by History Research! I was that “someone”. Again, I was so flattered first time accosted by them that I was about to squeeze out some precious time to work on it before sending it out. Had I not been delayed by some serious health issues in the last few months, I might have done that. Luckily I had a conversation with one of my committee members and he warned me about such invitations yesterday which led me to this page after a google search. Gee, I need to shoot him a mail of appreciation immediately after this post.
    Thanks for sharing all the stories and the warnings here!
    from Hawaii

  186. Be aware: also publican scam exists!! « Lukeskyrunner Says:

    […] https://thetrialwarrior.com/2010/09/12/good-grief-bait-switch-law-publishing-version/ […]

  187. Barry Says:

    I got an unsolicited email from this David Publishing mob. I have been through this before with other shonks.
    My suggestion to a lot of people who might get their emails is that if you are in academia like me, we are supposed to be clever.
    For instance, are these people in Chicago or in California?
    And what is all this stuff about ‘Sino-American’ stuff, when I am in Japan and my paper was about Australia?
    Then there is the awful ingratiating English style, language and formatting errors to boot.
    As I tell my students, they are in university and so they are supposed to be a bit clever – for those of us higher up the food chain, I hope we can be even more clever.
    If it seems too good to be true, probably it is.

  188. JBR Says:

    Thanks for this. I just received a request from the Journal of Modern Education Review (education@academicstar.us – (Ed. note: redacted comment). It is verbatim like the others described here except for the journal name and publisher. Happily, the message was terribly written and lead me to investigate. If it wasn’t for your post and the comments of others I might have considered…! I did like the line: “As an American academic publishing group, we wish to become your friends if necessary.” Turns out it won’t be necessary 😉

  189. JG Says:

    Thanks for this information. They have been e-mailing me about editing a paper and now submitting a paper to the “Journal of Earth Science and Engineering”. I was mildly interested but not any more!

  190. Librarian Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading the comments here, especially those apparently from the publisher! One of our professors received an email invitation to publish in Journalism and Mass Communication. There are also a couple of threads about them on the Chronicle of Higher Education.

  191. Guest Says:

    I received an email today from davidpublishing, immediately went digging and found this blog. Thanks. The email had weird fonts and grammar, and it seemed…too good to be true? Being addressed by my full name and somehow getting into the inbox of a private email account threw me at first and then I remembered a conference I went to 3 years ago where they published my contact info without my permission. I’m in the Linguistics field so maybe they’re changing fields again?

  192. Architect Says:

    Received an “invitation to publish” eMail today by their “Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture” and immediately got suspicious- which led me here. Same story as with most other folks they attempted to scam- thanks for the OP and all posters who provided information in this thread; we can all stop wasting time 🙂

  193. JohnW Says:

    I just received an email referring to a paper I gave at a conference in Europe last Saturday – quick work! But I’d like to make a comment that I don’t think has been made yet. I work in Asia, where most of my colleagues do zero research. The university is trying to goad the faculty members by forcing departments to complete annual ‘Quality Assurance’ reviews. The response is very Asian: Instead of trying to produce publishable research, they mainly look for ways to publish junk in respectable-sounding journals or conferences, They are willing to pay to do so, as the investment comes back through internal promotion. I’ve observed that a new industry is starting to grow up around this – maybe David Publishing is an outcrop of this, but the problem is much broader, especially as Western academics presumably have no idea of the existence of such a market?

  194. Laura Says:

    Got an email from “wayne” last week offering to publish my work from a conference several years ago that had a good number of attendees. Thanks to this post, I ignored and passed on the concern to the conference organizer. What a disappointment!

    My research was on a topic that was very controversial and generated much interest from various people. Needless to say, I’d been reworking it to submit to legitimate publishers. Oh, well!

  195. Bruce Says:

    They have started up a new journal:
    Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering,
    Print: A (ISSN 2162-5298); Online: A (ISSN 2162-5301)
    B (ISSN 2162-5263) B (ISSN 2162-5271), USA

    They invited me to submit a paper but I declined after I noticed that they misspelled the word “Chemistry” in the table of contents from a sample copy of the journal that they sent. Here’s their response:

    “Sorry for the mistake, it’s a new journal.But David Publishing is strived to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings and results. We admire your achievements, and we understand how important your research impact to other peers in the same interest field and other disciplines, and how delighted you would be when communicating with global professional peers.”

  196. Barry Lee Reynolds Says:

    I have a classmate that received their e-mail after his presentation at a conference. He replied and said he had another related paper. It was accepted and of course they asked for the money. He replied and asked them for a discount and they gave him one.

  197. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    That’s great! I hope they threw in a Subway coupon, as well.

  198. Hariyadi Says:

    Big thanks! Their offer looks convincing to me; I haven’t published any international paper, so it was very tempting and I said I interested. But then I found this. I have marked their e-mail addresses as spam and won’t deal with them again.
    Again, thank you very much.

  199. Mark Says:

    To their credit (kind of), what they sent me today soliciting me to submit to “History Research” says that there is a publication fee for accepted articles. Still, one look at the table of contents of that most recent journal on their own site convinced me that I’d be embarrassed to have my work appear there. Not only that, but I’m far too cautious to send my work somewhere like this and trust that they won’t do something like sell it to a paper mill.

  200. Collin Garbarino Says:

    Thanks so much for the heads up.

  201. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Pay it forward. Tell your colleagues.

  202. Zermane Ilias Says:

    Many thanks for saving my time. It was too good to be true!

  203. Kevin Spencer Says:

    I received a similar request from the Journal of Modern Education Review. I submitted the paper, it was “reviewed and accepted” and the email came with a notice to pay $530 for publication. I responded that there are other journals interested in this research to which I received this response: “We have decided to publish your paper free of charge.”

  204. PBMeyer Says:

    JUst a heads up for economists and the like: Academic Star publishing also has a publication called the “Journal of Business and Economics’ — solicitation ;language identical to that cited by another commentator above.

  205. Philip Machanick Says:

    I edit a journal (hence my lengthy response: establishing reputation is hard enough without this sort of competition) and recently concluded an agreement with EBSCO and they do not charge us for their services. In my case, the journal is open access so that may differ if a journal charges a fee for access but even so I would expect they take a cut rather than charge up front. Their main business is managing library subscriptions; indexing is an extra that adds value so they can sell this service. It’s hard to determine if David charges for access because it appears you need to log in to the site to read an article, though at one point their rather chaotic web site seemed to indicate all charges were $0. I tried finding a few of their journals at EBSCO and even their original journal, US-China Law Review, isn’t listed. David no longer appears on their full list of publishers, so maybe EBSCO has some integrity.

    Charging a publication fee is done in two scenarios: a limited-circulation journal that has to cover printing costs other than by subscriptions, and an open-access journal (the author pays so the paper is freely accessible, improving chances it will be read and cited). If you go to the form to set up a new log in (http://www.davidpublishing.com/register.html), it does now end with a line indicating a publication charge, though nothing about how much it is.

    A few things to check in general:

    Is there any disclosure of reviewers or editorial board and if so do they include some well-known names in the field?
    Is it possible to actually read any of the papers?
    Are any of the papers cited other than by each other (scholar.google.com is a good tool to use for this)?

    If it’s ridiculously easy to get your paper in press without major revisions, there has to be a reason, especially if you have not published much in journals.

    Google Scholar turns out to be a way to read a paper on their site. This one is rather interesting http://www.davidpublishing.com/davidpublishing/Upfile/12/11/2012/2012121105492460.pdf – titled “Combined-Type Continuous Variable Transmission with Quadric Crank Chains and One-Way Clutches”, it’s in – wait for it – Computer Technology and Application. You don’t have to know a lot about computer technology to know that this paper is not about anything to do with computers.

  206. Jenny Says:

    I received a similar request from China-USA Business Review with David Publishing. They peer reviewed and accepted my paper then asked for $870. Thanks for your posts. I asked for immediate withdrawal. I am worried if they still ask me to pay for the review. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  207. iron69 Says:

    Actually, this journal has published a number of legitimate scholars. For example, Dan Graham published an article on Heraclitus in David Publishing’s “Philosophy Study” journal. Professor Graham is a well respected scholar in ancient philosophy who has published books with Oxford and Cambridge for years. Further, Professor Dennis Sansom published with them as well. He is a well respected scholar in Metaphysics and Epistemology. So, other than people being upset by the fees, the fact remains: This journal has published some very high level scholarship. I spoke to Dan and Dennis. They said the fees were surprising, but didn’t really trouble them. So… what’s the quibble again?

  208. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I’m sure Dan Graham and Dennis Samsom are pleased to publish their articles anywhere they deem fit. Most of the commentators here have voted with their feet.

  209. Tobias Strahl Says:

    I am art historian from Germany. Recently I contributed with a paper to the International Congress of Art Historians (CIHA) at Nuremberg. A couple of weeks later I got this mail from David Publishing:

    “This is History Research (ISSN 2159-550X),a new academic journal published across the United States by David Publishing Company located in EL Monte, CA, USA. We have learnt your paper “Architecture as Weapon” in 33rd Congress of the International Committee of the History of Art.”

    Additional offers were as described in other comments above. I was alerted as I saw the “conditions” – if they are worth being called as that.

    “4. Authors of the articles being accepted are required to sign up the Transfer of Copyright Agreement form.” and “6. If the paper is accepted by our journal, the author should finance some of the publishing costs.”

    From my point of view this is not serious at all. My recommendation is to stay away of practices like that. Thank you for spreading the word with this blog.

    With kind regards, T. Strahl

  210. Renate Says:

    Thank you for your post! I received an invite to publish my research from journal “Psychology Research” under “David Publishing”. I googled them and everything seemed ok until I just received confirmation e-mail about my sent paper and information about 50$x13pages = 650$ fee. That’s jus sad..

  211. S. Malavipathirana Says:

    Herewith a part of email received by me from the same David Publishing company just after my presentation at an international symposium. Please note the different names of the journals with same ISSN reference numbers. They sent me an electronic copy of the Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering too. Despite, invite me to publish in Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (A and B). When I explored more detail of the same through the net, found your blog with hundreds of academics/researchers having same bad experience. I hope if we are careful enough, still there are many suspicious places to avoid such unethical culprits as you can see below. Great Antonin.

    From Knowledge to Wisdom
    Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering
    Print ISSN: A (ISSN 2162-5298); Online ISSN: A (ISSN 2162-5301) Frequency: monthly Current Volume: 01 / 2013
    B (ISSN 2162-5263) B (ISSN 2162-5271)
    Call for Papers

    ……. we are pleased to pass on our regards to you. Hope to keep in touch by email and can publish some papers from you and your friends. As an American academic publishing group, we wish to become your friends if necessary.
    Now please let me introduce our journal: Journal of Environmental Science and Technology A (ISSN 2162-5298) and Journal of Environmental Science and Technology B (ISSN 2162-5263) (Earlier title: Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, ISSN 1934-8932) are the international, scholarly and peer-reviewed journals published monthly by David Publishing Company located at 9460 Telstar Ave Suite 5, EL Monte, CA 91731, USA.
    Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,
    Editor Office
    Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering
    David Publishing Company

  212. Alerta sobre prácticas de fraude BAIT AND SWITCH… | Red de Investigadores del Fenómeno Religioso en México Says:

    […] http://saharareporters.com/article/bait-and-switch-publishing-new-face-academic-fraud-farooq-kperogihttps://thetrialwarrior.com/2010/09/12/good-grief-bait-switch-law-publishing-version/ […]

  213. Jo Cooper Says:

    I had an email from DP in May last year – the first red flag was that I am not a sociologist but was requested to contribute to their journal Sociology Study – secondly the wording and sentence structure was raising several alarms – I googled them and found warnings and left their email in the junk folder which I came across today – to refresh my memory I started checking whether this request for articles is still going on and I found this blog – I am glad that the majority did not fall for this – my suspicion was mainly based on the English in the email and on the website so I considered China – with the additional concern now (after reading that some people have submitted articles that they did not end up paying for) that perhaps these contributions may be translated and also perhaps allocated another author – so unless fluent in this language there is no way of tracing articles after submission – just a thought…
    I also noticed – despite their claims of monthly journal editions most subjects don’t appear to have any publications for 2013 yet apart form the journal Literature and Art which shows Vol 3 (1) Jan 2013

  214. Bitoto Munyazozo Says:

    Thanks everyone for this blog. It saved me from wasting my time and from losing my money. I nearly lost US$350, down from US$700 to the so-called History Research journal. This was after I protested and indicated that there was no way I could raise such a fee. Am very very grateful.

  215. Amanda Glaze Says:

    Thank you so much! After a recent international conference presentation I received this email as well. I thought it sounded funny so I did some research and found your blog. It would appear that the David Publishing company has gone to great lengths to promote this as a legitimate journal based on what does come up in a Google search. Shameful!

  216. Ben Larson Says:

    Also just got spammed by these guys. Seems like folks are onto them (thankfully), but as another poster noted, they must have made some monumental efforts to improve their search presence b/c they’ve basically commandeered the top 4 google links. Almost seems like it would be easier to just have a legitimate journal.

  217. Ariane Says:

    I gave a presentation at a colloquium in Quebec city, Canada, and received an email from David Publishing shortly after (the email address: linguist@davidpublishing.com). I thought it was odd that the “US-China Foreign Language and Sino- US English Teaching” would be interested in publishing an article about French poetry… The email was very suspicious, especially because of its horrendous English, which didn’t make any sense coming from a soi-disant linguistic journal.
    Thanks for the post, it’s quite interesting to see they change their field expertise depending on who they contact!

  218. Joelle koster Says:

    Greetings, had the same request from a journal called “History Today”, part of the same consortium….beware and thanks for this.

  219. Joelle koster Says:

    Sorry….”History Research” not “History Today”

  220. drjackiekirkham Says:

    I was spammed by them too today – “History Research” in my case too (I’m not a historian). They’ve obviously trawled the programme of the conference I was presenting at last weekend. Luckily the terrible English in the email told me all I needed to know so I was pretty sure it was a scam before I googled. But I will be alerting folk from the conference via twitter to look out for it.

  221. S Says:

    Many thanks for your insights and thoughts. Still today they keep scamming, this time for ‘Journal for Journalism and Mass Communication’… Your article helped a lot!

  222. Carrie de S Says:

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’ about the US-China Law Review. I almost succumbed to the flattery of being asked by these people to produce a paper and probably wouldn’t have picked up the $30 per page charge, noted right at the bottom of several scrolls worth of verbage, had I not seen your blog (which I found up when Goggling to find what sort of journal they were, impact value, etc.)

    Thanks again, for saving me the time I would probably have taken to fine tune and format a paper before chancing upon this information.

  223. John Winward Says:

    The good news is that I’ve jut been invited (by US-China) to publish a paper entitled “Professional Learning Communities: Research, Reality and Results.” This is something of a coup, as I’ve never written anything even remotely connected to this theme, and know absolutely nothing about it. I’m tempted to accept the offer.

    On the other hand, they addressed me as Ms. Winward. As I’m male, perhaps I won’t.

  224. Walter Tonetto Says:

    Well, at least no barter for (contaminated) Chinese milk-powder is offered…

    Wherever you look, the mainland Chinese economic juggernaut, blind, deaf and dumb to any ethical imperative, is steaming ahead…

  225. inamarkova Says:

    Thank you for your warning. The fishing now continues in Europe. Bulgaria in particular. I received an invitation for publishing my article, presented in a conference. The journal is Sociology Study.

  226. JaneAl. Says:

    Many thanks for your warning! Today I received an invitation from “Doris” for publishing my article presented at Meaning, Context and Cognition 2013 (Poland). And the journals are US-China Foreign Language and Sino- US English Teaching. And they also invited “to be our reviewers or become our editorial board members”. What I find interesting is that they “Hope to keep in touch with you by email”. Why email only?..

  227. SK Says:

    Thanks for this post. You have saved me a lot of time!

  228. Caravaggio Says:


    I just found this post and even though most of it is true, i do have a slightly different experience with this publisher. I was invited to publish a presentation that i made in a congress and, since i was not expecting to send it to a journal, i did agree to send it.

    First, i was told that i was required to pay a fee per age, BUT it i was told that AFTER my paper was accepted.

    second, the review was extensive and picky, i might say, though some 70% of the remarks were of formatting issues.

    Third, i did got a hard copy and a PDF file after it was published.

    I cannot say the level of the papers in the issue my paper was published was world class, but it was not bad either.

    The hard copy i got has a list of Editorial Board Members for the journal (Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering).

    I can post a picture of the Journal issue and the page of the editorial board. I did not bother to look for the names in the net, but none of them were known to me…

    So… i really cannot say it is a complete scam, at least from my experience.

  229. HR Says:

    Thank you. Your post answers all the questions I had after receiving an email from “History Research” journal (“(ISSN 2159-550X), an academic journal published across the United States by David Publishing Company located in EL Monte, CA, USA”). I almost missed this, in “author guidelines”:

    6. If the paper is accepted by our journal, the author should finance some of the publishing costs.

  230. History Buff Says:

    A check of the White Pages online (business search) does not turn up a David Publishing Company in the L.A./El Monte, CA area for the address provided although there is a “David Rose” publishing company, which is a music publishing company. A reverse phone number search finds that one number is a cell number while the other was not traceable.

  231. Gloria Says:

    same game from history research, thanks for the truth!

  232. DZiri Says:

    oho!!! SAVED!! I am form Algeria and yet I recieved an email from “David Publishing thing” from US after a recent international conference presentation. From what I read here, they change their field expertise depending on us (victims). By the way, my field is Computer science. Thank you man! Time for spreading wide

  233. Mitko Says:

    Thanks for the warning, I received an e-mail inviting me to publish in “Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (ISSN: 1934-7375, USA)” after I presented poster at the “Separation Science Theory and Practice” conference. It sounded fishy as they misspelled the conference name and made some grammar errors.

  234. Andy Says:

    They are still going strong! I received an email from David Publishing today, inviting me to submit my paper to History Research. I think this is the second time they got in touch with me. Something should really be done. Maybe Chronicle or the Times Higher Education Supplement could have a list of journals to avoid?

  235. Journals fraudulentos, centro y periferia (I) « Gerardo Bensi Says:

    […] Un posteo en el blog del abogado Antonin Prebetic, donde se transcriben los correos electrónicos que le […]

  236. Mia Says:

    Three days ago, I received an email from David Publishing, inviting me to write for Sociology Study Journal. The email was very convincing but I was a bit suspicious because of their email format that was not like an official email. However, because I was flattered, I ignored the fact. I then replied the email, mentioning my interest and my needs to revise my paper, as well as my inaccessibility of revising soon due to national holiday in Indonesia. They replied my email, mentioning their willingness to wait and even they said “Happy holiday”, which as so personal anyway. This time on the email they put a name Emma (without a last name). It made me moved, so I googled and found out it is scam

    I am so relieved that I don’t have to waste my times and money for them. Those websites I found, including yours, are really helpful. I think we need to keep disseminate the information because their operation might even be better (in fact their website is better now).

  237. Brenda Says:

    I just received a similar email: soliciting a paper I gave at a conference for a journal called Cultural and Religious Studies. I googled the journal. No record. I went on to David Publishing site, and searched. No record. I went onto the University of Toronto library site. No record. So, then I googled David Publishing, and found this post and trail. Just to say, thanks. And they are still doing it.

  238. Simon Bray Says:

    Had an invite to publish in the “Journal of Physical Science and Application”. Was suspicious as I am an ecologist, though they picked up on a poster I submitted last year at a conference in Seattle. In any event, checked my suspicions and found this, so thanks for saving my time so effectively.

  239. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re welcome, Professor Cossman. I believe you taught at Osgoode Hall when I was a law student back in the early 90s. Please feel free to forward a link to this post to your colleagues at U of T Law School.

  240. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Happy to oblige. A stitch in time, save nine.

  241. Hilary Aquino Says:

    I also received the same email. I am glad I Googled it and found this information! Thank you.

  242. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    You’re quite welcome. Please share this post with your colleagues.

  243. John Winward Says:

    This is a new one on me, at least:

    “Dear XXX,

    Some time ago I contacted you, offering you the possibility of making your work available as printed book.

    Since I did not hear back from you, I am now wondering if you received my email. I would appreciate if you could confirm your interest in our publishing house and I will be glad to provide you with detailed information about our services.

    I am looking forward to receiving a positive response from you.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Kind regards,
    Ecaterina Tomsa

    Acquisition Editor
    LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing is a trademark of:
    AV Akademikerverlag GmbH& Co. KG

    Heinrich-B?cking-Str. 6-8,
    66121, Saarbr?cken, Germany

    e.tomsa(at)lap-publishing-house . com / www . lap-publishing-house . com

    Handelsregister Amtsgericht Saarbr?cken HRA 10356
    Identification Number (Verkehrsnummer): 13955
    Partner with unlimited liability: VDM Management GmbH
    Handelsregister Amtsgericht Saarbr?cken HRB 18918
    Managing directors: Thorsten Ohm (CEO)”

  244. Marian Says:

    Two years ago, shortly after I finished my MA dissertation, I received an email from LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing asking if I was interested in publishing my dissertation. Luckily, I did some research and found that the journal was ‘sold’ on Amazon, but the customer feedback comments warned that this was a scam. I ignored the email and after that, I received an email just as the one John Winward has referenced. So, beware!

  245. Yvonne Says:

    Ah, queue Peter Griffin’s voice singing the Bird is the Word in my head for the next couple days…

  246. Marcus Says:

    I got an offer today from David Publishing Company,
    regarding the publication of a conference paper in Computer Technology and Application. It appears they have become more
    upfront with their intentions; under the heading
    “Information for authors” one finds the rather unusual clause

    >6. It is not our policy to pay authors. Instead, the authors >should pay USD 60 per page.

  247. Diego B Says:

    I just got the exact email today. Thank you so much for saving me some valuable time!

  248. Bryan Says:

    I was solicited by David Publishing’s ‘Journal of Earth Science and Engineering’. I did rewrite my conference presentation and was upset to get a response asking for $70 a page and $50 per color illustration-well over $1000. It is silly and deceitful of this company to do this. Si?

  249. HiisK Says:

    I was very recently approached by David Publishing (US-China Education Review A & US-China Education Review B) first time on Aug.29 (sender’s name was “teacher”), then again on Sept 2 (US-China Law Review, sender’s name “law”). They both referred to the international conference where I presented my paper on Aug.29. My paper presentation is real, but when I did net-search about this publisher, I found this blog.

    Thank you so much for all the useful information and warning!

  250. Alicia Boswell Says:

    I just received an email this week from History Research Journal of David Publishing. A quick google search brought up this blog – so thank you. Also interesting, the David Publishing website is currently suspended.

  251. D. Ohs Says:

    Haha. Just got an offer to publish in the “Psychology Research” journal from these guys. Alarm bells rang immediately as they mentioned they had ‘read my paper’ when I’ve had no paper published online. Only an abstract in a conference schedule.

  252. reka Says:

    Hi guys,
    Good post! I just received an email from them. I answered it, commenting on their hilarious policy and reminding them, that people are not stupid, there are posts about them. Guess what! I got an answer form Emma (no family name). Here it is:

    Thank you for giving us the detailed thinking of our journal. I’m also very sorry to read the negative text on those websites. This is not the first time we know the links and we have to explain it again and again for our authors. As you can find out that, the texts just doubted why should we charge and whether our papers are peer reviewed. You know, as an academic journal, its readers are very limited. The subscription fee cannot afford its running. At the same time, there is no sponsor or any advertisement income for our journal. So we have to charge some fees to run our journal. Yes, the scientific knowledge is not a commodity, but the premise is that we have to maintain our livelihood. Please understand us and support us.

    You can find the list of our editorial board members and reviewers on our website. All the papers submitted to our journal will undergo peer reviewing process. We have many reviewers and staff around the world, then we can finish the reviewing process more quickly than other journals. In other words, our company has been founded mostly 10 years and has published more than 40 journals, you can find them in some famous databases. If there is any problem, are all the authors cheated by us? Of course not. If you find more information, you can know that many academic journals in USA charge submission fee such as Chicago Journals. Maybe because our company is not so famous that some scholars cannot accept it.

    For another, We have been contacting with ISI and SCOPUS for inclusion and have sent the copies of our journal to them, but there is no reply until now. Even though the Sociology Study has not been collected and indexed by the ISI and SCOPUS right now, but it does not mean it cannot be collected and indexed in the future. Anyway, it is also retrieved by some other famous databases such as EBSCO, CSA, Proquest, Ulrich, Summon and so on. And we will try our best to develop this journal better so as to be accepted by ISI, SCOPUS.

    We will very appreciate if you could understand and support our work.


  253. Amir Fhr Says:

    Oh My god!!!! I am a master student of urban planning in Iran and i Have many papers in approved journals, I participate in the international conference 3 month ago and i received this email for my paper after conference by Journal of Civil Engineering and architecture,
    firstly the tone of editor is very wonderful for me with lovely comments like : “Wish you a nice weekend and a fruitful season” and once she said about problems of her friend to me!!!!!!!
    after 3 week the acceptance is send for me with a request for 470$ payment with special discount for me and also the payment methods,
    I was going to send this charge but i thought it is better to me searching the david publishing company before sending the charge, and I see this post……
    also the final results about my paper is very wonderful, they said me: the suggested modifications on your paper and the comments for your revision will be send you after payment confirmation and it is very unusual. 

  254. lila Says:

    Thks a lot for your story! I received the “David” invitation for “sogiology study” today, referring a presentation i just did last friday! Seems to be rare and started an internet research that brings me here!…Checking the date of the posts and comments (mostly 2011) i think now these journals are targeting latinoamericans reserchers..(i live in buenos aires)
    Thks again

  255. Charles A. Says:

    It’s not quite clear to me what the complaint is about. Is it the habit of charging for publication or the amount charged? Is David Publications the only company world-over that levies such fees? Can someone inform me whether they have ever paid the fees charged by the company but never had their article published.

  256. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    The title of the post is what the complaint is about. The issue is not charging fees for publishing. The issue is


    disclosing that a fee will be charged until


    the so-called “peer review” is completed and the paper has already been accepted for publication.

  257. Salim Rashid Says:

    Curiously, both Charles and Antonin are correct.
    David P SHOULD announce their fees upfront
    but, having gotten sound reviews, being made to revise some points, contacted earlier authors who published, asked for and checked out the sites that index the journal, and having paid only upon receipt of the hardcopies—I cannot understand some of the comments I have seen posted

  258. ladan Says:

    Hey guys
    these people are trying to rub me toooo

    Journal of Modern Education Review
    Academic Star Publishing Company
    70 West 86th Street, #CN0267, New York, NY 10024, USA
    TEL: 347-230-6798 FAX: 347-426-1986

    The address can change!

    is not there a form of international system to catch these guys. I heard a friend paid 500 USD to them!!! This must stop!

  259. Iguana Rule The World Says:

    No, the issue is charging fees. Before you whine, “But the Journel Bovine Scatological Sciences charges! That’s not weird!” know that academic journals that charge are incredibly field specific. I would never, NEVER, pay anyone to publish my work, nor would I trust anyone who does. How can I accept its legitimacy when the scholarship is secondary to the “pay for play?” How do I know that your claims aren’t completely bogus, but you paid the journal extra to accept the work? “But it’s peer reviewed!” So the peer reviewers aren’t getting paif under the table? Whatever. NIce try.

  260. Antschie Says:


    they have a new one: Journal of Communication and Computer (JCC), Print ISSN: 1548-7709 Online ISSN: 1930-1553 Frequency: monthly Current Volume: 10 / 2013

    Just received the mail and thought I have to search about.
    So, thank you very much for this helpful information so I don’t waste my time and delete the mail!

  261. Ross Stephenson Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing this!
    I just received an email from David (FRAUD) Publishing and I was soooo excited as an undergrad having the chance to get my paper published!

    Thankfully my psychology program at HELP University taught me well, and I did a quick background check on the publisher, came across your link in the process. THANK YOU for sharing this. I only hope someone can take action against such fraud publishers and shut them down!

    Thanks & God bless you 🙂

    Ross Stephenson
    ~Magician for all occasions~

  262. karthick Says:

    Thanks for sharing. This publisher did send a mail to me too with a reference to the paper i submitted in a recent international conference. They didnt mention anything about the fee so i didnt even think it is fake. When I visited their website i understood it must be a scam. It took me two days to find out thbut i am happy i didnt fall for this trap!

  263. karthick Says:

    when i visited the website the experience was like some neatly dressed gentleman coming out of the computer screen and say ‘fake you’. hope you all had the same experience. http://www.davidpublishing.org/

  264. PR Says:

    Got an e-mail from David publishing inviting me to submit a paper to the Journal of Mathematics & System Science. I have to say that they must be employing a large army of sweat-shop workers whose primary job is to scour the web and find out the names of contributors to various conferences. anyway, to cut the long story short, they tracked me down from a conference presentation i made about 18 months ago. To test the water I tried to submit a low level manuscript of mine through their template. Didn’t work. next day I got an e-mail saying that they haven’t received my manuscript, and asked me to resubmit. So i have sent them the manuscript as an e-mail attachment. …..Let’s see…i want to play the game for a while. Nowhere does it mention the “fee” to be paid for publication……Is there a way to trap these scammers? if the journal editorial board is fake then we can lodge a complaint with the state AG’s office. Any other suggestion?

  265. Stepan Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Saved my time too. But in my case, the fee requirement was stated explicitly:
    “6. It is not our policy to pay authors. Instead, authors should pay $60 per page”.
    US- China Foreign Language journal of David Publishing

  266. Chris Says:

    I’m a geologist and publishing fees are ubiquitous throughout the sciences, as well as in medicine I understand – it obviously seems different with law, or perhaps you don’t have a lot of experience with research publishers. Generally our employers, universities, or grants will pay these fees. In fact, as a graduate student, I had a grant rejected because I didn’t include publishing fees, and the reviewer left a comment concerned that I would not publish the results. I’ve never heard of a scientific journal that doesn’t require these fees. The scholarly publishing business has always seemed to be quite a racket to me – $60 per article, several thousand dollars for a subscription, all the while charging for publishing fees. Elsevier and Science Direct must make a killing!

    On that note, David Publishing is not a scam although they are small-time, its journals and articles are available on multiple databases, and the fees charged are not just common, they should be expected. In my opinion, you were not duped by David Publishing, you were naïve to think a research journal would publish your article for free.

  267. Paul Says:

    They contacted me wanting to publish a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD conference paper of mine in their weirdly and ungrammatically titled “Journal of Communications and Computer”. I didn’t reply.

  268. Beware of Predatory Journals | Librarian Enumerations Says:

    […] prints. Also here some other resources stating that this publisher is a scam: Jodiepedia, The Trial Warrior Blog, College Misery. Had I not had that conversation I probably would have submitted! Be careful out […]

  269. Chris Says:


    I left a comment earlier and I want to follow up since no one seems to get this and I’m familiar with publishing. First, scholarly journals charge fees, sometimes high (audience pays little to nothing for access), sometimes low (audience pays high price for access):


    Second, David Publishing journals exist – they’re awful, but they exist. Go to their website, look at a journal name, then do some searches and you’ll find it. By no means are they prestigious, but they’re there.

    This not a scam, journals routinely charge fees, the fees aren’t “predatory,” it’s just a fledgling publisher.

  270. JWin Says:

    The issue isn’t the fee per se. I recently did a presentation about publishing, and as background I read a couple of the predatory journals that colleagues here (Thailand) have published in. Just scanning the current issues, I immediately came across the following: A title with a spelling mistake (repeated throughout): “… Translation Unacceptabilty …”; several with uninterpretable abstracts e.g. “Whilst the translator has to cope with the different shades of word meanings, which are in non-literary translation, he can achieve anywhere near perfection.” and an article which had consistently rendered the term ‘rugged individualism’ as ‘ragged individualism”. The website claimed that the journal in question “… is a peer-reviewed journal established in Australia.” First: no it isn’t – how could you get ‘ragged individualism’ past several referees and an editor? Secondly: do you really want your own research appearing in the same journal as this stuff?

  271. Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit » Bis ans Unübersetzliche Says:

    […] die Korrektur- und Satzarbeit von ihren Autoren verlangt, sondern auch gegen die Empfehlungen der (in der Regel ebenfalls auf das professionelle Erscheinungsbild des Journals hineingefallenen) Revie… jeden veröffentlicht, der bereit ist, so viel Geld für eine Veröffentlichung zu […]

  272. Paige Alfonzo: Book Maven Says:

    Yes many OA journals have an “author pays” format. The fee is not the issue. The fact that the journal exists is also not the issue. predatory journals do exist. Some of them are even peer-reviewed by scholars who are unaware that the journal is predatory. What makes David Publishing predatory is explained well in Jeffrey Beall’s article: http://scholarlyoa.com/2012/02/29/david-publishing-flipping-its-model/#more-129

  273. Ellen Denham Says:

    I got a solicitation to submit to one of their journals after presenting a paper at a conference–something seemed a little off so I did some searching and wound up here. Thanks for posting this–it has saved me from wasting my time with them!

  274. Publishing Company Says:

    David Publishing Company, a USA based Company found in 2001, deals in Publishing Academic Journals and books. There are a lot of allegations accused against our publishing house. Let me point out the main allegations.

    1. Charge $50 per page
    2. Lack of required databases
    3. China based Company
    4. Criticism against our website

    Charge $50 per page

    Indeed, we do charge for the publications, we do not have any sponsors nor do we entertain any advertisements on our Journals. So we are forced to charge for the publications.

    Lack of required databases

    At present our publishing house has the following databases.

    1. ProQuest
    2. EBSCO
    3. Google Scholar
    4. Hein Online Database
    5. Summon
    6. CSA(Cambridge Science Abstracts)
    7. Ulrich
    8. UDLSB(Universe Digital Library S/B, Malaysia)
    9. J-Gate. Etc

    Numbers of databases and Impact factors are under the process of considerations. With the release of our new website we will update our newly secured databases to the general audience.

    China based firm

    David Publishing Company is a multinational firm having regional offices in Hongkong and Wuhan, hubei, People Republic of China. We are not just confined to China and U.S.A. We have been doing paper works to open our offices in other parts of the world as well. We have re-located our printing unit to China considering the cost factor.

    For the convenience of the scholarly society, let me share our contact address.

    U.S.A Address (Current)
    David Publishing Company,
    240 Nagle Avenue # 15C,
    New York,
    NY 10034,
    Tel – 1-323-984-7526; Fax-1-323-984-7374
    Email – connectyourdavidpublishing@davidpublishing.com

    Our registered address
    David Publishing Company,
    9460 Telstar Ave, Suite 5,
    EL Monte,

    If any complaints or suggestions, please feel free to contact us
    Email – connectyourdavidpublishing@davidpublishing.com

  275. profliam21 Says:

    Question for doweni. What did you finally do? Once you transfer your copyright you cannot publish it elsewhere. Did you pay and publish?

    Or is there anything that could be done about it?

  276. Publishing Bots on the Loose: David Publishing | Bark: A Blog of Literature, Culture, and Art Says:

    […] experience, I decided I would google David Publishing. One of the top returns was a blog post detailing one man’s bait and switch with another one of David Publishing’s journals. After reviewing, […]

  277. Invitation to submit a paper | alanjose Says:

    […] are asked to pay $50.00 per page. For a normal 25-30 pages pager they would ask you $1,250-$1,500. Here is a blog that details the experience of someone who decided to submit a paper. Here is a response […]

  278. upstreamd Says:

    Thank you for this post! I received an email from the Journal of US-China Education Review. I felt uncomfortable with the script of their email, which compelled me to google the review of this Publishing company. After reading the comments, I will certainly refrain from sending them my manuscript.

  279. Michał Stefaniuk Says:

    the newest incarnation is “Ethan publishing” check their sketchy website at ethanpublishing dot com

  280. John Edward Fahey Says:

    I’m impressed by their persistence, or bad records. The “History Review” asked to publish a conference paper I presented at the Society for Military History, then hit me with the $50 a page thing, two years ago. I just got an email today asking for the same paper. Vultures… forgetful vultures.

  281. Rubim Almeida Says:

    Well my friends, they changed their “modus operandi”.
    Now thet must have someone reading the papers, because the email you and include bits of your own papers. At least it’s what I think.
    I just received an email asking me to publish in one of their journals and they included some “extracts” from previous papers that I dis published recently.
    So … BE AWARE!

  282. Alexandra Agostinelli Says:

    They are still at it! They addressed me by Dr. Alexandra Agostinelli, which I will be one day, but I’m currently finishing my undergrad! haha

    They used this journal name: International Relations and Diplomacy (ISSN2328-2134, doi: 10.17265/2328-2134/)

    And of course, my paper has nothing to do with IR and Diplomacy…

    Good thing I read this article warning of people scamming academics!

  283. NikPala Says:

    Really nicely written and well documented article! I would urge everyone to share and comment to help it get higher in the Google results. Luckily I found it in the first 20 results and read it through, avoiding wasting my time. These guys they have journals in all fields and they are smooth enough to get you to pay the money. Beware!

  284. Academic Publishing – Warning from emma Board to be aware of misleading offers! | EMMA Says:

    […] Here is a link to a blog article where the scam is exposed and explained. David Publishing is specifically noted, as well as a few others: https://thetrialwarrior.com/2010/09/12/good-grief-bait-switch-law-publishing-version/ […]

  285. Lynne Byall Benson Says:

    Thanks to all of you for saving me! After the revision (surprisingly minor to say the least!), I received the email from “Doris” regarding the fee to publish my article in Literature and Art. Nope nope nope…

  286. Better Perish than Publish | myidentitywoman Says:

    […] https://thetrialwarrior.com/2010/09/12/good-grief-bait-switch-law-publishing-version/ […]

  287. Jelena Obradović Says:

    Today the scammers approached me, offering to publish a conference paper on international law in US-China Law Review. They correctly stated the title of the paper and the details on the conference. Since they contacted me via my office email, which I have not left to conference organisers, I immediately started having serious doubts, which were exacerbated by the style of the email, and which were finally confirmed by spending a few minutes on Google. Thank you very much for this article which is, unfortunately, still a timely piece.

  288. dweebcentric Says:

    David Publishing targeted some of our conference speakers after finding their powerpoint presentations posted on our website. We knew immediately that there was something about the invitation to publish in the US-China Law Review because the letter talks about manuscripts, meaning that no one actually opened the files to see that they were just slideshows, but rather just went searching for interesting titles. The invitation does inform the “invitee” that they will be charged to publish in the journal.

  289. Begum Bulak Says:

    Thanks for time-saving!

  290. Raheel Lakhani Says:

    I just told them “Btw I won’t pay a penny to you to publish any of my papers. So let me know this in advance!” before even trying to submit my paper 😀

  291. Lewis Eakins Says:

    Yep, tried to get me too. My prior private investigations mindset kicked in which led me to this blog. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I spoke only a few days ago at a conference and did not upload my PPT. They must have been surfing the net and came upon our conference brochure that listed all the speakers and their topics. I will let the conference organizers know about this scam so that all the speakers can be forewarned.

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