An Anniversary Post Card While The Trial Warrior’s Gone Fishin’

August 10th, 2010 is The Trial Warrior’s one-year  blawg anniversary. As anyone who blawgs will attest, it’s never about the author; it’s all about the reader. 
To this end, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all my visitors, including returning visitors and commenters, as well as my esteemed guest blawgers for your continuing interest and invaluable contributions. While I am away enjoying the sunny climes of Costa Rica with my beautiful wife,I commend readers to check out my list of great legal writers and original thinkers from whom I continue to draw inspiration (in alphabetical order):

Venkat Balasubramani’s Electronic Communications, Privacy, Data Protection, and More

Mark Bennett’s Defending People Blog  


Charon QC…the blawg

Brian Tannebaum’s Criminal Defense

Ed’s Blawg Review 

Jeff Gamso’s Gamso – For the Defense

Gideon’s A Public Defender

Scott Greenfield’s Simple Justice

Omar Ha-Redeye

Rick Horowitz’s Probable Cause

Chris Jaglowitz (Gardiner Roberts) Ontario Condo Law Blog

Kevin Kim’s Privacy 2.0

Jamison Koehler’s Koehler Law

Law is Cool

Erik Magraken’s BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims Blog

Glenn Manishin’s LexDigerati

James Morton’s Morton’s Musings

Norm Pattis: Fighting For Freedom One Client At A Time

Colin Samuel’s Infamy or Praise 

Mirriam Seddiq’s Not Guilty

David F. Sugerman’s Blog

Vidocq’s Defrosting Cold Cases

Stephanie West Allen’s idealawg

3 Responses to “An Anniversary Post Card While The Trial Warrior’s Gone Fishin’”

  1. Vidocq Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It is an honour to be on your list and I thank you for including DCC.Enjoy your vacation and best wishes to your lovely wife,Vidocq

  2. The Trial Warrior Says:

    Merci, Vidocq. J'apprécie vos louanges gentilles et admire votre committment à la recherche de la justice pour les victimes de crime.

  3. Barbara Rubin Says:

    Hello,I am a litigant in a New York State negligence case although presently living in California. My case is now eight years old and discovery has yet to even be completed. Apparently completion of cases in which settlement offers have not been earned through aggressive prosecution of cases can outlive their participants. I may not find a 'win' to be of benefit as my progressive injuries leave me little to look forward to and the win was supposed to offer me better medical treatment and living circumstances than I can afford on a disability income.I've begun a discussion of this on my blog, and wonder if you might discuss the Galanter essay on The Vanishing Trial which is mentioned in my first entry on this subject. Lawyers aren't warriors when there are no battles to fight but only deals to broker. I was very pleased to find this blog and will mention it in mine. Thank you for taking the time to offer this to the public.

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