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Law and Order in Virtual Worlds
IGI Global, an information science and technology publisher, has recently released the book Law and Order in Virtual Worlds: Exploring Avatars, Their Ownership and Rights (authored by: Angela Adrian, University of Bournemouth, UK). It offers an intriguing analysis of the intersect between Law and Virtual Reality. According to IGI Global’s  blog post:
“Who would have thought that the new law abiding citizens would be avatars? A new conflict is rising between the physical world and the virtual world when it comes to law making. As virtual worlds increase in their depth and number, evolving into virtual communities with separate rules and expectations, they are often brought into conflict with the legal rules of the physical world.

For many virtual worlds, keeping subscribers returning means keeping them content. A comparison can be made between political leaders and game designers as they are both under pressure from a citizenry with competing demands. One would think that the incentives for criminal activity disappear in a virtual world, but that is not the case. Fraud is very evident in second life, especially when greed and deception have made a presence in virtual transactions.

Law and Order in Virtual Worlds: Exploring Avatars, Their Ownership and Rights provides an understanding of the interface between the laws of the real world and the laws of the virtual worlds. Written for anyone who has ventured into a virtual reality and wondered what, if any, real world consequences would follow their actions, this book raises and answers compelling legal questions about such issues as owning virtual assets, intellectual property right infringements and virtual liabilities in the real world.

To learn more about this book, visit: http://www.igi-global.com/Bookstore/TitleDetails.aspx?TitleId=37354

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