Gralf-Peter Calliess on "Law, Transanational"

Gralf-Peter Calliess (University of Bremen – Faculty of Law) has posted an excerpt from THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GLOBAL STUDIES, Mark Juergensmeyer, Helmut Anheier, Victor Faessel, eds., Sage London, (Forthcoming,) entitled “Law, Transnational“. Here is the abstract:
Transnational law is an institutional framework for cross-border interaction beyond the nation state. In distinction of territorially organized national and international law, it is structured as a plurality of functionally specialized transnational law regimes, which in a pragmatic approach combine different governance mechanisms of private (norms, alternative dispute resolution, social sanctions) and public (laws, courts, enforcement) origin, where the latter are dis-embedded from their domestic context. This article explores the concept of transnational law.

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