Round-Up of Selected Conflict of Laws Publications (2009-2010)

For those looking for summer reading suggestions, the following is a round-up of selected conflict of laws publications between 2009-2010. 

Ross Gilbert Anderson and Kirsty J Hood, CONFLICT OF LAWS WITHIN THE UK (Oxford: Oxford University Press (, 2007), xlix + 282 pp. ISBN 9780199202454. £75., Edinburgh Law Review, Volume 13, Number 1, January 2009, 167-168.

Patrick J. Borchers, “Punitive Damages, Forum Shopping, and the Conflict of Laws”, Louisiana Law Review, Volume 70, Number 2, Winter 2010, 529.

Thomas P. Branigan and David J. Gentile,” Discovery Conflict – Foreign Privacy Laws in U.S. Courts”, For the Defense, Volume 51, Number 3, March 2009, 62.

Richard M. Buxbaum, “Is There a Place for a European Delaware in the Corporate Conflict of Laws?”, Rabels Zeitschrift fuer auslaendisches und internationales Privatrecht, Volume 74, Number 1, January 2010, 1-24.

Anthony J. Colangelo, “Universal Jurisdication as an International ‘False’ Conflict of Laws”, Michigan Journal of International Law, Volume 30, Number 3, Spring 2009, 881.

Anatol Dutta, “The Death of the Shareholder in the Conflict of Laws”, Rabels Zeitschrift fuer auslaendisches und internationales Privatrecht, Volume 73, Number 4, October 2009, 727-749.

____”Succession and Wills in the Conflict of Laws on the Eve of Europeanisation”, Rabels Zeitschrift fuer auslaendisches und internationales Privatrecht, Volume 73, Number 3, July 2009, 547-606.

Peter McEleavy and Trevor C. Hartley, “Cyprus Land Rights: Conflict of Laws Meets International Politics”, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Volume 58, Number 4, October 2009, 1013-1020.

Anita B. Frohlich, “Copyright Infringement in the Internet Age—Primetime for Harmonized Conflict-of-Laws Rules?”, Berkeley Technology Law Journal, Volume 24, Number 2, Spring 2009, 851.

Trevor C. Hartley, “Jurisdiction in Conflict of Laws: Disclosure, Third-Party Debt and Freezing Orders”, Law Quarterly Review, Volume 126, April 2010, 194.

Benjamin Hayward, “New Dog, Old Tricks: Solving a Conflict of Laws Problem in CISG Arbitrations”, Journal of International Arbitration, Volume 26, Number 3, June 2009, 405.

Christian Heinze, “Industrial Action in the Conflict of Laws”, Rabels Zeitschrift fuer auslaendisches und internationales Privatrecht, Volume 73, Number 4, October 2009, 770-792.

Carlee M. Hobbs, “The Conflict Between the Alien Tort Statute Litigation and Foreign Amnesty Laws”, Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, Volume 43, Number 2, March 2010, 505.

Nicole Hostettler, “Tongue-in-Cheek: How Internet Defamation Laws of the United States & China are Shaping Global Internet Speech”, Journal of High Technology Law, Volume 9, Number 1, 2009, 66.

Christian Joerges, “Sozialstaatlichkeit in Europe? A Conflict-of-Laws Approach to the Law of the EU and the Proceduralisation of Constitutionalisation”, German Law Journal, Volume 10, Number 4, April 2009, 335-360.
Pieter De Koster and Peter Van den Eynde, “International Framework Agreements on Corporate Social Responsibility: Conflict of Laws and Enforcement”, Business Law International, Volume 10 Number 2 May 2009, 128.

Monique Lee, “A Choice of Law Dilemma: The Conflict and Reconciliation of Laws Governing Cross-Border Transfers of Stolen Art”, Cardozo Public Law, Policy & Ethics Journal, Volume 7, Number 3, Summer 2009, 719.

Michael Lishman, “Australian court shoots down British Eagle”, Company and Securities Law Journal, Volume 27, Number 4, June 2009, 219.

Stephanie K. Marshall, Wm. Frank Carroll and James P. George, “Conflict of Laws”, SMU Law Review, Volume 62, Number 3, Summer 2009, 1021.

Pineau, Elena Rodriguez, “Conflict of Laws Comes to the Rescue of Competition Law: The New Rome II Regulation”, Journal of Private International Law, Volume 5, Number 2, August 2009, 311-336.

Antonin I. Pribetic, “An ‘Unconventional Truth’: Conflict of Laws Issues Arising under the CISG”, Nordic Journal of Commercial Law, Number 1, 2009.

Patricia Youngblood Reyhan, “Conflict of Laws”, Syracuse Law Review, Volume 59, Number 4, 2009, 621.

Pippa Rogerson, “Conflict of Laws-Foreign Copyright Jurisdiction”, Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 69, Issue 2, July 2010, 245-247.

Giesela Rühl, “The Problem of International Transactions: Conflict of Laws Revisited”, Journal of Private International Law, Volume 6, Number 1, April 2010, 59-91. 

D Shyamala, “Domain name-trademark conflict resolution: An evaluation of UDRP”, Australian Intellectual Property Journal, Volume 21, Number 1, March 2010, 42. 

The Hon J J Spigelman, AC, “Nygh’s Conflict of Laws in Australia”, by M Davies, A S Bell and P L G Brereton, Australian Bar Review, Volume 33, Number 2, July 2010, 170. 

___”Violence Against Women-The Dimensions of Fear and Culture”, Australian Law Journal, Volume 84, Number 6, June 2010, 372. 

Yu Shuhong, Xiao Yongping, and Wang Baoshi, “The Closest Connection Doctrine in the Conflict of Laws in China”, Chinese Journal of International Law, Volume 8, Number 2, July 2009, 423-439.

Kevin Tuininga, “Forty-Plus Years of Iowa Choice-of-Law Precedent: The Aftermath of the Restatement (Second) of Conflict of Laws”, Creighton Law Review, Volume 43, Number 1, December 2009, 205.

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