Greg George of GTI Advisors: E-Book on "Beyond Due Diligence"

Greg George of  GTI Advisors (Twitter: @gtiadvisors ) has published a handy E-Book entitled: “Beyond Due Diligence” (pdf). Here is the Foreword by Anthony M. Freed over at infosecisland blog:

“If your organization approaches due diligence as a measure of the minimum effort and expense required to satisfy conventional norms, your organization is woefully unprepared to navigate the complicated legal and security-related pitfalls of a rapidly changing electronic business landscape.
Quality due diligence is a systemic approach at every level of business activity for the sole purpose of mitigating overall enterprise risk, and should be the guiding principle in every endeavor.
GTI Advisors has assembled a concise overview of the application of due diligence principles across the most dynamic characteristics of the modern business environment, including critical outsourcing precautions, corporate espionage vulnerabilities, staffing key positions, secure mobility practices, qualifying third-party vendors, information security issues like the emergence of “cloud” based managed services, and much more.
Greg George has created a valuable guide with multiple resource references and punctuated by real world case study excerpts that should make every CxO take notice of how their own business-as-usual approach to due diligence is putting their enterprise at risk.
This guide is also an important double-check for parties on either side of an equity proposition or venture capital deal, as well as an important instructional tool for employee awareness efforts that will increase corporate security and compliance.
Beyond Due Diligence is a must-read synopsis for executives across multiple industries, and presents the essentials of due diligence best practices in straightforward language that is highly actionable.”

Beyond Due Diligence is also an excellent resource for commercial trial lawyers specializing in asset recovery and fraud-related claims. It contains a useful checklist (“Suggested Baseline Criteria for Background Research on Individuals”) and Case Studies highlighting the importance of risk-analysis, crisis management and fraud investigation as part of a global litigation strategy. Beyond Due Diligence will pay dividends to those who follow the adage: “forewarned is forearmed.”

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