Law Students! Resistance Is Futile! You too will be assimilated!

Resistance is Futile!
You too will be assimilated into Virtual 3-D Lawyers! 
Take this online survey and help build the trial lawyers of the future

Now that I have your attention; if you are a law student and are interested in the intersection of law and technology, you should take this online survey prepared by students under the supervision of Professor Bill Kapralos, Ph.D, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business and Information Technology, University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Here is an overview:

You are invited to participate in a survey for an undergraduate Capstone research project. The project’s purpose is to understand students’ preferred learning methods and gauge perceptions toward the use of serious games for education and training in law-related curricula. Serious games refer to video games that are used for training, advertising, simulation, or education and are designed to run on personal computers or video game consoles. Serious games provide a high fidelity simulation of particular environments and situations that focus on high level skills that are required in the field. They present situations in a complex interactive narrative context coupled with interactive elements that are designed to engage the trainees. This study is important because it will have benefits for the participants in potentially providing more effective learning methods in the future. There are no known risks in participating in this survey.

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