100th Blog Post: Thank Yous and New Year’s Wishes

I am pleased to announce that The Trial Warrior Blog has been recognized as a co-winner of the ClawBies 2009 “Best New Blog” Award. Quite frankly, all of the nominees are deserving of recognition and I am pleased to be included in such a wonderful and collegial group of blawgers.
On this auspicious New Year’s Eve and New Decade and for my 100th blog post, I take this occasion to personally thank each and every one of my readers and visitors–hailing from 75 countries worldwide (see list below)—for making The Trial Warrior Blog a fun and enriching experience. Last, but certainly not least, I express my gratitude to my guest bloggers:  Charon QC a.k.a. Mike Semple Piggot (see post here),  and Matthew Richardson (see post here)  for contributing their invaluable and thought provoking insights. 

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All!

16. Italy
17. not set (ask Google Analytics where this country is 😉
19. Japan
28. Spain
32. Kenya
47. Peru
49. Nepal
57. Egypt
59. Ghana
60. Iran
62. Chile
74. Iraq
75. Hungary
Antonin I. Pribetic

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