Samurai Mind Training for Modern American Warriors by Bonnie

There is a fascinating piece today from Time by Bonnie Rochman discussing Warrior Mind Training based upon Samurai mind discipline techniques: Samurai Mind Training for Modern American Warriors. Here is a brief excerpt:
“Warrior Mind Training is the brainchild of [Sarah] Ernst and two friends, who were teaching meditation and mind-training in California. In 2005, a Marine attended a class in San Diego and suggested expanding onto military bases. Ernst and her colleagues researched the military mindset, consulting with veterans who had practiced meditation on the battlefield and back home. She also delved into the science behind mind training to analyze how meditation tactics could help treat — and maybe even help prevent — post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Rooted in the ancient Samurai code of self-discipline, Warrior Mind Training draws on the image of the mythic Japanese fighter, an elite swordsman who honed his battle skills along with his mental precision. The premise? Razor-sharp attention plus razor-sharp marksmanship equals fearsome warrior.”

Blog readers are also commended to read two blogs by Stephanie West Allen, JD: idealawg and Brains on Purpose

(in collaboration with Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD) on law, mediation, neuroscience and other great topics, including forthcoming research on “death energy” training of Samurai and Ninja warrior societies.

HT: to Nicole Black via Twitter: @nikiblack for the link to the Time article.
Antonin I. Pribetic

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