Ways To Install Cell Phone Signal Booster 

Cell phones are an essential commodity these days. Most of the population across the globe own a cell phone. With the development of technology, cell phones are now capable of many things rather than just receiving calls and text. Anyone whos owns a cell phone or uses a cell phone can listen to music, shoot videos, book a cab, click selfies, learn new things, download books and can do many more things using a cell phone and the internet. These days cell phones and the internet is becoming part of everyone’s life.

What is a cell phone signal booster

The cell phone signal booster is a repeater system that is made up of three main elements including amplifier, Exterior antenna and the interior antenna. It is very helpful in improving the cellphone signal. The main purpose of the signal booster is to take existing cell phone networks around the place and amplifying it. As soon as the amplification is being done signal is rebroadcasted without any weak signal. This makes the signal more powerful and strong.

How to install the booster

signal booster

These signal boosters are very effective in improving the signal strength within the house, car, office or any rural or remote areas.  It is definitely worth to have a signal booster. Here is how to install the cell phone signal boosterA cell phone booster can be installed in just five easy steps:

Find the Best Outside Signal

The very basic and crucial step for installing the booster is, to begin with finding the best signal outside by our home. One can easily do this by walking around nor using any smartphone application

Install Outside Antenna

Place the outside antenna where the signal is strongest and place it as high as it is possible. It should be pointing towards the cell tower.

Connect to the Amplifier

Once the outside antenna is placed, connect a cable that will be in the kit with the amplifier and outside antenna.

Install Inside Antenna

Place this antenna where the signal is weakest inside the home or office. The amplifier will sync automatically and the signal will start boosting in a few seconds.


Once the installation is done restart the booster to check if it is working properly or not and enjoy the fast and strong signal.

Undoubtedly cell phones have improved communication and made it easy for people to communicate and perform basic tasks on phones. The strong signal can make the work faster and easier. So it is a good option to install the cell phone signal booster sat home or workplace.