Why Are They Famous for Andy Warhol Paintings?

 warhol art Why Andy Warhol has’s Paintings and art become so famous the solution could lie in the artist’s philosophy regarding artwork. Andy Warhol believed that art could and should be mass produced and that art can be created from everyday objects. This was a radical new idea in the art world; since art was viewed as something raised and not connected to the everyday life of individuals. Andy Warhol’s mission was to link the normal world that surrounds us with the art world. Hence he used everyday objects such as the Campbell’s soup can and Coca Cola boxes to produce his art statement. A good deal of people who was not interested in art before became fascinated and in this way Andy Warhol produced a completely new art audience. Even today, people that are not normally interested in artwork enjoy Warhol’s many creative paintings and art projects.

In addition Andy Warhol’s art was not only something for the wealthy art collector. Since Andy Warhol’s many paintings were mass produced the costs for a first dropped dramatically and a great deal of individuals with normal incomes could yield an Andy Warhol original. Afterwards, many of Andy Warhol’s famous paintings have been andy warhol endangered species featured on everything from luggage to T-shirts – how Andy Warhol wanted. It seems that Andy Warhol struck a chord among individuals. His motives have become iconic and his artwork is still exhibited across the world. However, Andy Warhol was never interested in getting famous only for the sake of it. His artwork was always radical and he never attempted to please the audience. Ironically, maybe that is the reason he’s become so popular.

There are a number of Contemporary interpretations of the Andy Warhol style which are worth experimenting with, before submitting your picture to the printer of your choice it is often worth going to Google images and exploring the many styles and colors available. The standard color scheme used in the Marilyn Monroe is generally softer pastel shades whereas a brighter more neon color choice often produces an excellent modern version of the standard style. Consult your canvas printing firm what other styles are available and they should be able to spend the time to go over some other choices. Sourcing a company that has experience in producing Andy Warhol art prints is also very significant. Although the technology is available on popular applications such Photoshop there is a whole lot of work involved in creating a professional looking portrait which resembles the originals.