How to know your MasterCard gift card balance?

Summary: We will discuss in detail regarding the methods which can be used to check the balance in the MasterCard along with some of the benefits.

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MasterCards are one of the leading brands used for payment of money be it online of in person, they are the most trusted and used among the customers. They are known for easy managing of the money and going cash free. You are required only to load sufficient balance in the MasterCard and keep it for future use. Now when it comes to loading the balance, it is important for you to know there are two types of cards available namely reloadable and non reloadable. Make sure to select the card which suits your need and financial status. Checking the MasterCard gift card balance is also necessary to continue the card usage without any inconvenience.

Once you buy a MasterCard you need to register and activate it to enjoy the shopping time. For the activation you must visit the retail shop from where you bought the card or it can be done online through the MasterCard website also. It is a simple process and once the card is registered you must load enough balance in the card so that the website will ask you to pay the activation charges, now the activation charges will be only applied after the amount is loaded in the card as the charges depends on the amount you add. It is always better to clear the charges before hand to avoid any type of discrepancies in your balance.

When it comes to known the money left in your card, you can do it by following ways:

  • While registering your MasterCard you have to even provide the name and mobile number, doing so your mobile number will be linked to your card and an update will be sent to the mobile number regarding the amount left in the card. By this method you will easily track the money spends and left in your card.
  • The next method is by visiting the official website of MasterCard, you have to enter the card number and ask for the statement by clicking the option of checking the balance. By that you will be shown the entire history of transactions you have made using the MasterCard.
  • Next is the method of calling the customer care by dialling the toll free number present at the back of your card. The customer executive will ask few personal details like your name, number, card number, etc. Then you will receive the statement either on your mobile number or email id.
  • The last method is through manual checking the receipts of the purchases made and calculating the amount. This method is not followed as it can give wrong results.

By following the above methods you can easily know the MasterCard gift card balance and mange your hard earned money with much convenience and ease.